Trump Wins Sixth Republican Debate


by James Buchanan

Not too surprisingly, Donald Trump was voted the winner of the Sixth Republican debate in a Drudge Report poll. The poll is still going on and the numbers may change slightly, but in the screen capture shown above, Trump has 58 percent of the vote and Cruz is in second place with 29.5 percent.

Jeb made several pathetic attempts to make himself relevant. Jeb went into the debate with three percent in a recent poll, and got all of 1.5 percent in the post-debate poll. Jeb expressed outrage at the thought of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. once again proving that members of the Bush family are pro-Amnesty and absolute whores of the Saudi royal family.

Cruz and Rubio attacked each other in a fight over the immigration issue with each accusing the other of being weak on immigration and giving examples of why the other could not be trusted. Most likely both of them suffered from that exchange.

Trump reiterated his plan to temporarily ban Muslim immigration. When a moderator tried to bully Trump into “rethinking” that ban, Trump replied “No” that he would not change his mind on that.

Trump continued to question Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president due to his being born in Canada and suggested that the Democrats would pursue this with a lawsuit if Cruz became the GOP candidate. Perhaps, Trump wants to attack Cruz without really attacking him on anything serious. It’s also possible that Trump has calculated that creating a cloud of controversy over Cruz on this will get traction with some people.

It really doesn’t matter since Trump scored 58 percent in the Drudge poll almost double Cruz’s numbers. Considering how close Cruz is on many of Trump’s positions, it’s a good sign that Cruz and Trump had nearly 90 percent of the vote between them. The System Republicans did horribly. Jeb was at 1.5 percent, Rubio at 6 percent, Christie and Kasich had 1.7 percent and Ben Caron had 1.5 percent.

If anyone other than Trump were leading in the polls as decisively as Trump has in a crowded field of contestants, the mainstream media would have declared him the winner of the Republican primary. The media is still out to get Trump hoping that he’ll say something politically incorrect that they can use to force him out of the election. You’d think by now they’d realize that isn’t going to happen.


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