Rubio Heckler Says He’s “Owned by Jews and Freemasons”

Rubio heckler

by Jeff Davis

Whenever a heckler, often a minority or a homosexual, disrupts a Trump rally, it gets a big mention on the mainstream media. Well, here’s a little story about a Rubio heckler, which almost went straight down the Orwellian “memory hole.”

The website has posted a video with a heckler at a Marco Rubio rally.

A White man gets up in the middle of a Marco Rubio rally (such as it is–he seems to be attracting even fewer people than Hillary Clinton) and starts hollering about Rubio being owned by Jews and Freemasons. Then he gets dragged out by Rubio’s goons.

Well, he is owned by Jews. Rubio is owned by Jews and Freemasons and who knows what other special interests that are stabbing us in the back. Rubio is also pro-Amnesty and voted for John McCain’s 2013 Amnesty Bill.

Conspiracy theories have been circulating around the Internet for 20 years now, and it looks like this election will be more influenced by the Internet than any election before. Look at all the people talking about “System politicians” and how hated they’ve become. Trump is leading by a large margin because he has the pulse of the Internet crowd more than anyone else.

Imagine how difficult life would get for sell outs like Marco Rubio and John McCain if a patriot stood up and called each out for being “a Jew stooge” at every public event.

I wonder what Jeb Bush thinks of all this. He’s back down to just three percent in one of the first 2016 polls. Maybe he should hire someone to follow him around and heckle his rallies.


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