British Test Pilot Witnessed Hitler Shaking Hands with Jesse Owens

Eric Brown

by James Buchanan

I’ve personally never cared much about the whole Jesse Owens flap, which the Jews endlessly make a big deal out of. Germany won the most gold medals at the 1936 Olympics of any nation participating, but the Jewish media still to this day can’t stop crowing about a Black American, Jesse Owens winning four medals in various running and jumping events.

National Socialist ideology NEVER said that White people must defeat all the other races in every athletic event. This is a case of the Jews putting words into someone else’s mouth. The superiority of the White race is due to a superior intellect, and the ability to invent things like jet aircraft and space rockets. The Blacks can win all the running contests, and the Jews can win all the loan-sharking competitions, and neither of those changes the reality of racial differences.

In fact, it’s no great surprise that Africans would evolve to be excellent runners because Africans never fully mastered their continent in the same way that Europeans did. The African is in the middle of the food chain, and to survive, he needs to be a good runner to outdistance the lions, hyenas, wild dogs and even honey badgers!

It should be noted that White people have traditionally killed off predatory animals that may have threatened their children. You won’t find tigers or lions in Europe, even though the Siberian tiger has no trouble living in the cold. The European cave lion for example was rendered extinct 12,000 years ago. Third World nations however have dangerous large cats prowling their jungles to this day.

The Jews and their stooges have also claimed that Hitler failed to shake hands with Jesse Owens, stating that Hitler went to the bathroom (four times?) when the medal and handshake were due to Mr. Owens.

As usual with the Jews and anything they have to say about Hitler’s Germany, this has turned out to be a lie.

A well-respected British test, pilot Eric Brown while being interviewed in the youtube video below (skip ahead to t = 4:30), states that Hitler did shake hands with Jesse Owens as witnessed by Brown who was at the 1936 Olympics.

Why dredge up this piece of history? Because a Jewish lie has been repeated as fact since 1936 for eighty years. If the Jews would lie about a relatively minor incident like that, how many other lies have these shifty individuals been telling the world through their control of the news media and their control of the entertainment industry? What other lies have the Jews been feeding to gullible minds in public schools in England and America? Diversity is a strength, perhaps. For a considerably less dishonest account of recent history, anyone interested in the truth may want to explore the IHR website here so that they don’t spend the next 80 years believing Jewish lies.


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