Bill Cosby Finally Charged with Rape

Cosby and six women he targeted

by James Buchanan

Out of Bill Cosby’s many victims, Andrea Constand reacted quickly to file rape charges against him at the time of the attack. The local prosecutor declined at that time to file charges, most probably due to Bill Cosby’s status as a major TV celebrity (which helped him to brush off dozens of other accusations). Ms. Constand did file a civil lawsuit against Cosby, who wound up settling with her out of court as noted here.

Over eleven years later, the prosecutors have finally decided to file felony rape charges against Bill Cosby with only weeks remaining in the statute of limitations. Ms. Constand will be able to use the testimony from dozens of other women, who were drugged and raped by Cosby as part of her case as this is allowed by the local jurisdiction.

An article from People magazine reports “An arrest warrant has been issued for entertainer Bill Cosby for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple employee Andrea Constand at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania mansion in January 2004, Montgomery County District Attorney-Elect Kevin Steele said at a Wednesday press conference.”

“Cosby was arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and was released after posting $1 million bail.”

“‘A prosecutor’s job is to follow the evidence wherever it leads and whenever it comes to light,’ Steele said. ‘Upon examination of all the evidence, today we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim.'”

“Steele said that Constand ‘came to consider Mr. Cosby her mentor and her friend.'”

“He said that Cosby ‘made two sexual advances at her that were rejected.’ He added, ‘Mr. Cosby urged her to take pills and to drink wine, the effect of which left her unable to [rebuff his advances].'”

Bill Cosby is almost certainly one of the worst serial rapists of all time. He was able to use his celebrity status to prevent his victims from filing charges against him.

Most of his victims were very young White women, who were hoping that the TV star, Cosby would be able to help their careers. Virtually all of them remained silent for decades. Some of them were confused by what had happened, having never been drugged before. Some thought they merely had gotten drunk and therefore did not quickly report the rape because they didn’t remember anything.

Many of them didn’t want to harm their careers by accusing such a major celebrity and later stayed silent because they didn’t want to traumatize their families by going public about what happened to them. There are likely more victims than the sixty women, who have come forward so far, but they don’t want their families to know what happened to them.

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