Jewish Pedophile Politician Greville Janner Is Dead

Greville Janner

by Ian Mosley

The Jewish politician and British “noble” Greville Janner is dead. Unfortunately, he died without ever being punished for crimes against children, let alone the usual cultural and political treason Jewish politicians tend to commit.

A news article reports: “Lord Greville Janner, at one time arguably the most prominent Jewish community leader in the UK, died today at age 87 after a long illness … Janner was a Labour Party member of the British parliament for 27 years, and continued to be a member of the British House of Lords until his death. But Janner was eventually suspended from the Labour Party after multiple allegations of child sex abuse were made against him.”

“Police and prosecutors failed to pursue criminal charges against Janner, even though they had more than enough evidence to do so…”

Can you say “Jewish privilege”?

The article continues “…after the scandal of that coverup became public, in April 2015 the Crown Prosecution Service, the rough equivalent of the U.S. Attorney’s office, announced it would not be in the public interest to prosecute Janner, who by then had advanced dementia. At the same time, the CPS admitted Janner should have been charged several times, including once in 1991 and another time in 2007, both on multiple counts of child sex abuse.”

What about all the alleged Nazi war criminals who are dragged out of retirement homes regardless of whether they have Alzheimer’s or not?

Maybe if they didn’t wait 25 years to prosecute him, they could have sent him to jail before this convenient case of dementia arose.

It should be noted that there are very serious doubts about the degree and even the existence of Janner’s “dementia.” He seemed to function quite well personally and politically, with use of all his marbles, until the Crown Prosecutor and Scotland Yard and the media came sniffing around. Then all of a sudden he was too mentally incoherent to be prosecuted. This farce went on for years as an excuse to avoid arresting the filthy old Jew.

“Before his dementia, Janner told Ha’aretz in 1999 that it was anti-Semitism and political enemies that were behind the ‘baseless attacks’ against him. ‘As a veteran politician, one makes enemies. Being a Jewish community leader and advocate of Israel exposes me to baseless attacks on my honor. That’s what we’re seeing here,’ Janner said at the time.”

Why does that remind me of the scene from Shylock? He’s not guilty of buggering children; he’s just a poor, persecuted Jew.

“But at least 25 alleged victims of Janner gave evidence to police and CPS.”

Are all these former child victims anti-Semites too?

“Janner was chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews from 1978 to 1984. In addition, Janner was a vice president of the World Jewish Congress for many years, ending in 2009 – well after his alleged crimes against children had become known – and played leadership roles in other British Jewish organizations.”

The Jews, especially the politically connected ones are evil and corrupt beyond all bounds. This monster was abusing children on a regular basis, and his political allies covered for him, making them accomplices after the fact.

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