Donald Trump at 39 Percent in Fox News Poll

by James Buchanan

A Breitbart article reports “Donald Trump has spiked his primary support to 39 percent among the 402 GOP primary voters reached in the latest Fox News poll, released Friday evening.”

“In mid-November, Trump was at 28 percent in a Fox poll. His December score of 39 percent is almost a 40-percent spike in one month.”

Well, other pollsters had Trump in the low to mid 30s back then. The Fox poll claiming Trump was at 28 percent, which seemed suspiciously low and smelled a bit of polling fraud due to some initial hostility from Rupert Murdoch and Fox as seen in the first debate.

The article continues “In the new December poll, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) climbs 4 points to 18 percent, while Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is down 3 points to 11 percent. Brain-surgeon Ben Carson crashed from 18 percent down to 9 percent. The poll was conducted after Tuesday’s GOP debate in Las Vegas.”

The good news is that the previous challengers to Trump, namely Fiorina and Carson have seen their support desert them. Ted Cruz is currently in second place and he supports many of the same issues as Trump, so it’s not a big ideological move for those voters to go from Cruz to Trump.

Given the extremely hostile media coverage of Trump’s campaign, it’s remarkable that he’s been consistently in the lead for so long. This shows how important the illegal alien problem is to most Americans. as Trump has repeatedly said if you don’t control immigration you don’t have a nation.


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