Bulgaria Rejects Muslim “Refugees”


by Jeff Davis

All over the White world, leftist politicians are trying to import as many non-Whites as possible assuming that this will give them the key to perpetual power. Well, opposition is growing to this genocide of the White race by political betrayal. One of the most fiercely patriotic nations in Europe, Bulgaria is resisting the Muslim invasion.

An article from DW.com reports: “We were attacked by a group of five Bulgarians. I was able to escape, but my friend wasn’t. The Bulgarians threw him to the ground. Four of them stood on his arms and legs while the fifth jumped up and down on him like a trampoline….”

Even if we assume this story is true, which is far from certain, I wonder how many White women in the local villages had been raped by Muslims prior to this attack. Liberal news agencies always try to portray attacks on invaders as unprovoked. The liberals never address the issue of Muslims bringing crime with them or the White people of Europe being denied any legal means of objecting to the invasion.

The article continues “That was the account of an Iraqi refugee interviewed by Pro Asyl, a Germany-based human rights organization. More than 10,000 people came to Bulgaria during a wave of refugees who arrived in Europe from 2013 to 2014. The majority of them reported having been treated poorly by Bulgarian authorities as well as by the general population. Bulgarians have said refugees made up the stories of mistreatment to get further west more quickly.”

Too many White people believe every word from these invaders. The truth is that these invaders are THIEVES. They are stealing from working White people, who suddenly have millions of Third World poor to support. Virtually all of these Muslims have lied about their asylum stories. If all they wanted was a safe place to live, then why didn’t they stop in Egypt or Turkey? Why did they insist on invading White nations, concentrating on the White nations with the most generous hand out programs?

The article continues “Few Bulgarians are willing to host refugees. Public opinion is clearly against accepting more refugees into the country, as seen by attacks on refugees as well as demonstrations and political rallies against them. The message is always the same: Bulgaria is poor and Christian; we don’t want you!”

“The Bulgarians look at these people as some kind of gypsies,” Raytchev said, noting that the “gypsy” label has a very negative connotation in Bulgaria. “The only contact that the average Bulgarian has had with ‘foreigners’ has been with Roma. The fact that most refugees now trek through Macedonia on their way to Western Europe is the result of Bulgaria’s general repudiation of foreigners.”

“That most of the refugees are Muslim is seen as irritating the Bulgarians all the more. The country’s own national identity is shaped in large part by the oversimplified legend of the so-called 500-year Turkish yoke, a remnant of the days when Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire.”

There is nothing oversimplified about it. 500 years is a long time to be conquered by a people who left nothing behind but misery. Now, political traitors are trying to destroy White culture and civilization. White people all over the world need to stand up and put an end to the Third World invasion of White nations.


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