Trump Wins Fifth Republican Debate

Drudge Poll Dec 2015b

by James Buchanan

According to an Internet poll by the Drudge Report, Donald Trump won the fifth Republican debate by a large margin. Early poll results showed Trump leading the pack with 51 percent of the vote. (The poll numbers will continue to change as long as the poll is open, especially if Democrats start sneaking on to skew the results.)

Trump vowed to deport the terrorists that Obama let into the United States during his presidency.

Drudge Poll Dec 2015c

Cruz attacked Rubio for his support of an Amnesty Bill in 2013 as the CNN moderator tried to drown out Cruz’s remarks.

Jeb Bush repeatedly tried to butt in on Trump’s remarks to make himself look relevant, but Trump slammed Jeb down pointing out that Jeb is only polling at three percent.

Trump was at 41 percent in a Monmouth University poll according to an ABC news article just before the debate.

Some of the other candidates called for shooting down Russian fighters in Syria, apparently unconcerned that this could lead to World War Three. Still, the mainstream media will never point out what a lunatic Rubio is, instead they will always attack Trump, often taking his statements out of context, if not deliberately distorted.

The illegal alien problem is the most important issue this election. Controlling immigration is also important for fighting terrorism since you can’t be attacked by Islamic radicals if you don’t let them him.

Most Americans see Trump as the lone voice of sanity on immigration, and he continues to steamroll his opposition.


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