Omar the Orphan


by Jeff Davis

Talk about the deterioration of the Black family!

Yahoo News Reports: “A California man charged with murdering his mother told police that killing her and desecrating her body felt good, according to reports. Omar Pettigen, 31, allegedly used a tomahawk that hung on the wall of his 64-year-old mother’s Monroe apartment to strike her on the head before shooting her in the back at least seven times and cutting open her chest to pick up her heart, according to court documents.”

“He put the heart back in Nailah Pettigen’s body and then reportedly masturbated because ‘he needed to be with himself and needed a release after the event,’ the documents apparently said. Omar Pettigen allegedly said the gruesome act felt good when he was arrested north of Oakland on Sunday.”

“His arrest came after police discovered the woman’s body in her blood-soaked bedroom. They were performing a welfare check on the behest of Nailah Pettigen’s ex-husband. The former American High School math teacher appeared to have been disemboweled, the News wrote, noting she had been cut from her neck down to her cervix.”

“Omar Pettigen allegedly told detectives he committed the act because his mother was killing herself with prescription painkillers, which he said she had become addicted to after hip and knee problems as well as surgery, the News wrote. He allegedly told detectives that his mother was yelling at him and during the argument, she pointed a gun at him, which prompted him to grab a hammer off the bedroom wall to knock the gun out of her hand. He left the room and returned with the tomahawk.”

Normally a gun will beat a hammer or a tomahawk. Black criminals often claim that their victims provoked them in some way. Sometimes the Blacks will commit a random hate crime against Whites and then later claim, after getting caught, that the White victim used the “N-word” (as if rude language would justify a felonious assault).

The article continues “He allegedly told police that after the gruesome killing, he left the home, had a few beers with friends and booked an airline ticket for Chicago, the News reported.”

Chicago appears to be the Black murderers’ Mecca. They feel right at home there.

“Police said Omar Pettigen did not show any signs of remorse.”

“Family members that the detective spoke with said the mother and son had not been getting along, going on to allegedly say it is well known that the family has seen a change in Omar since he has returned from Morocco several months prior to the murder.”

Funny how some Blacks have money to travel internationally, but then they wind up on every conceivable form of government hand out program. (To be fair we don’t know if Omar was getting hand outs. He just killed and cut up his mother.)

“He was arraigned Tuesday on charges of murder and desecration of human remains and was ordered held without bail.”

It seems like far-right websites like this one have to do the reporting on the worst of the Black atrocities. The mainstream media rarely mentions horrendous crimes like this. (I’m amazed Yahoo News picked it up.) It often gets passed over by the liberal news editors who don’t want bad (or accurate) images of Blacks to form in White people’s heads.


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