A Universal Basic Income?


by Ian Mosley

Some day in the not-too-distant future, everything we have will be made by robots. There’ll be no need for humans in manufacturing except to repair the robots. How will our economy work then?

Some people might say we’re already already transitioning toward that sort of society. Millions of American manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to near-slave-labor in Mexico and China. When the Chinese eventually start asking for better wages, robots will replace them.

How will future economies operate when few people -if any- have jobs? When a nation increases the amount of money in circulation, maybe that money should be given to the people instead of giving it to super-rich banks, who then force people to pay them interest if they wish to borrow that money from them.

This raises the issue of the Universal Basic Income. It looks like one country (a White one, of course) is getting ready to try it on a nationwide scale.

The British Daily Telegraph reports: “Authorities in Finland are considering giving every citizen a tax-free payout of €800 (£576) each month. Under proposals being draw up by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (Kela), this national basic income would replace all other benefit payments, and would be paid to all adults regardless of whether or not they receive any other income.”

Presuming these people insist on having a welfare state of some kind, I can kind of see this if it replaces all other welfare benefits.

The article continues “Unemployment in Finland is currently at record levels, and the basic income is intended to encourage more people back to work. At present, many unemployed people would be worse off if they took on low-paid temporary jobs due to loss of welfare payments. More than 10 per cent of Finland’s workforce is currently unemployed, rising to 22.7 per cent among younger workers.”

“According to research commissioned by Kela, close to 69 per cent of the Finnish population favours the idea of a national basic income. Detractors caution that a basic income would remove people’s incentive to work and lead to higher unemployment. Those in favour point to previous experiments where a basic income has been successfully trialed. The Canadian town of Dauphin experimented with a basic income guarantee in the 1970s and the results – both social and economic – were largely positive.”

The “fly in the ointment” for any program like this or more accurately the “elephant in the living room” that liberals never talk about is the virtually unlimited number of needy, low IQ Third World people, who will invade any White nation that sets up a program like this. Third World people can and will overwhelm and bankrupt any hand out program that White people dare to set up.

What this program will do is make sure that the millions of Muslim poor now invading Europe will make a beeline for Finland, one of the few remaining predominantly White countries in Europe. The relatively small Finnish population cannot support millions of new freeloaders.

Most White people prefer to work than collect government assistance which is why welfare programs have worked in the past. Even if robots do all the manufacturing work, White people will still want to create new businesses in the service industry (like restaurants, computer games, smart phone apps).

What White nations DON’t need in the future are millions of Africans with an average 70 point IQ or millions of Arabs with an average 87 point IQ. We need to be able to discuss race free of all the taboos that liberals and Jews insist that we tip toe around. We need to keep Third World people out and to expel the Third World people, who have invaded White nations, before any White nation can move forward.


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