Fourteen Year Old Black Murderer Tried to Kill Another Woman While in Custody

As usual, we learn more about what is going on in our own country from a British website than from the American mainstream media. The Daily Mail reports: “The student accused of murdering and raping his teacher was seen in surveillance footage rolling a recycling bin down a hallway and outside the school in court on Monday.”

“Philip Chism, 16, sat quietly and emotionless while jurors watched video of him dragging the large blue recycling bin the prosecution claims contained the body of Colleen Ritzer, his math teacher at Danvers High School in Massachusetts. He is then seen returning to school with his pants covered in a dark red substance that appears to be blood.”

It is truly pointless to try to teach higher math to Africans or even mulattoes. If the truth were ever known about how limited Obama’s intellect is, it would be no great surprise if his mind locked up at the sight of basic algebra. Without his teleprompter, his lack of knowledge quickly becomes painfully clear.

Most likely this creature, Philip Chism quickly got confused, then bored, then he start lusting after his White teacher, which anyone but a liberal should be able to see coming. Unfortunately Massachusetts is overpopulated with liberals and no one thinks about the safety of White women and the absolute need to keep them away from Black men or even Black teenagers to safeguard their lives.

The article continues “Jurors also saw footage of Chism walking into a nearby AMC movie theater that afternoon where a ticket for the film Gravity was purchased by someone on Ritzer’s credit card.”

Can you say “pathological”? This 14 year old mulatto thought so little of the teacher, he just murdered that he calmly bought a ticket for the movie Gravity with his dead teacher’s credit card. He probably then fantasized about raping and murdering Sandra Bullock!!

The article continues “Chism, who was 14 at the time in October 2013, has admitted to killing his 24-year-old teacher, but is pleading not guilty on the grounds of insanity.”

“Jurors also heard on Monday that Ritzer’s blood was found on a box cutter which was in Chism’s backpack as well as all the clothes he was seen wearing on the surveillance footage.”

Well, nobody ever said Black criminals were especially bright.

“Chism changed at some point during the day from jeans and a white shirt in to shorts and a black shirt, which at first confused authorities who believed that two people may have been responsible for Ritzer’s murder.”

“The trial started last week, and on Wednesday the court was shown the first footage of Ritzer’s final moments, sporting a smile as she waved at someone in the hallway and walked alone to the bathroom. Moments later, Chism could be seen leaving a classroom to follow her. With the hood of the sweatshirt over his head and gloves on, the chilling footage then shows the teen enter the restroom that Ritzer is in.”

“A few minutes later, a female student then can be seen walking into the bathroom, but she quickly exits. That student, Danielle Bedard, testified on Monday saying that she saw a naked brown butt and assumed someone was changing so she left the bathroom.”

A naked brown butt? I see. And she didn’t happen to notice a dead or dying White woman on the floor? Whatever happened to “see something say something”? Didn’t the teacher scream at some point or did Chism bludgeon her first and then start raping her?

The article notes “She said she did not suspect anything and thought nothing more about the incident until after she learned of Ritzer’s murder. ‘I opened the door. I didn’t step all the way into the girl’s room,’ said Bedard. ‘When I opened the door I could see someone’s bare behind. They were leaning towards the sinks. I couldn’t see an upper half of them. They were standing, but they were, like, leaning over. I just turned around and left.’ ”

Sounds a little fishy to me. And what color was this Danielle?

“…Chism’s lawyer, Denise Regan, said at the beginning of the trial that her client did everything he is accused of in her opening statement. She is arguing however that he was experiencing a psychotic break at the time.”

Don’t all Black criminals experience psychotic breaks when they brutally attack an innocent victim?

“The young man is also being accused of attempted murder after attacking a woman while in custody in June 2014. Chism made sure he wasn’t being watched and took off his shoes so he could quietly follow a 29-year-old woman into the locker room at Metro Youth Services facility in Boston. He then pushed the woman against the wall in the bathroom, choked her, and hit her in the head with his fists. Chism also allegedly stabbed her in the back with the pencil before staff members rushed in to help get him off the woman.”

That was probably how he murdered Colleen Ritzer, and no one thought to keep a close eye on him back in June 2014? The murder was in October 2013, and he was arrested the day of the murder, and he (an accused Black rapist/murderer) was able to follow a woman into a restroom at some government facility. Unbelievable!!

Not only has Philip Chism murdered a beautiful young White woman to satisfy his uncontrollable lust, taxpayers will foot the bill for his trial, not to mention the bill for keeping this beast alive for the next 70 years.


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