More Details Emerge in San Bernardino Muslim Terror Attack

As more and more information about the San Bernardino Muslim Terror Attack becomes available, an alarming picture of radical Muslim sleeper cells is emerging.

An article in the UK Daily Mail reports “…FBI agents discovered a huge arsenal of weapons and pipe bombs at a California home linked to Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik.”

“Agents discovered nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition, a dozen pipe bombs and hundreds of tools for making improvised explosive devices at the property, law enforcement officials revealed today.”

“It also emerged that the US-born Farook appeared to have been radicalized and was in touch by phone and via social media with more than one international terrorism subject, which may have in part motivated the attacks, CNN reported, citing investigators.”

It should be noted that this substantial arsenal along with the participation of three people proves that this was no spur of the moment decision by Farook to commit a personal grudge shooting often called “workplace violence.” Barack Obama deceitfully labeled a prior terrorist shooting by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood that killed 13 Americans as “workplace violence” instead of an act of terrorism.

The Daily Mail article continues “Farook and Malik, 27, fired as many as 75 rounds inside a conference center at the Inland Regional Center during a holiday party for county health employees on Wednesday morning, killing 14 and injuring a further 21.”

“During a press conference this evening, the first police officer at the scene, San Bernardino Police Lt Mike Madden, a 24-year veteran, described the ‘unspeakable carnage’ he witnessed inside the conference room amid Christmas trees and decorated tables.– and his horror at seeing the ‘pure panic’ on the faces of the wounded.”

“Describing the situation as ‘surreal’, Lt. Madden said that he and other officers were forced to pass people who were injured in a bid to stop the attack…”

“San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said that 91 guests had been invited to the county health department’s holiday luncheon – but there were between 75 and 80 people present when the suspects opened fire.”

Syed Farook and his wife were killed in a gun battle with police, who managed to intercept their SUV which had been described by survivors of the massacre. If the police had not stopped them, they might have launched additional terror attacks. They still had thousands of rounds of ammunition and a large number of pipe bombs.

What makes this terror attack especially chilling is the fact that Syed Farook worked alongside many of the people, he killed. His fellow office workers even threw him a baby shower. Farook clearly considered Americans “infidels” who deserved to die despite being born in the US, proving that we can’t trust second generation Muslims not to turn against us, let alone the new arrivals from Syria that the mentally ill Barack Obama wants to let in.


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