The San Bernardino Muslim Terror Attack

San Bernardino Shooting

by James Buchanan

A terror attack by Muslims in San Bernardino has left 14 dead and 17 wounded. One of the terrorists was Syed Farook. Farook was 28 years old and born in the US. The other confirmed terrorist was his wife, an immigrant from Qatar. Despite getting a lucrative government job, this Muslim, Farook harbored a hatred of the Americans, whom he worked side-by-side with on a daily basis. This terror attack bolsters the case that many Third World people do not assimilate into American culture, which should be no surprise because they can’t. America was built by industrious White Christian people. A Muslim, whose ancestors come from a backward Third World country will only resent America and want to destroy it by bringing in more Muslims like himself or in dozens of cases, Muslims have carried out terrorist attacks all across the United States.

A CBS news article reports “Fourteen people were confirmed killed and 17 more wounded in a mass shooting at a San Bernardino community social services building.”

“’We do have some preliminary numbers of upwards of 14 people that are dead and upwards of 14 people that are injured,’ said Chief Jarrod Burguan of San Bernardino Police. The number of injured was later upped to 17.”

“At least 10 of the injured are reportedly in critical condition.”

“CBS News confirms one of the suspects is named Syed Farook, an American citizen. One of the other suspects is reportedly his brother.”

“The Daily Beast said Farook was married and had one child.”

“According to his LinkedIn profile, Farook was a former business taxes representative for the California State Board of Equalization. He is a 2003 graduate La Sierra High School. The report also said Farook recently studied finance at California State University Fullerton until 2013.”

“The deceased female suspect has been identified as Tashfeen Malik, 27…”

We already have an angry population of Blacks in America, who have been rioting more and more in recent years. In addition to that we have a gigantic population of poor, needy illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America that the Democrats and some Republicans want to give an Amnesty to. We don’t need millions of angry Muslims from North Africa, the Middle East and Kenya in the United States with their backward culture and hostility toward all things Western.


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