The Sea Hag Strikes Back

Hillary mad

The one thing that Democrats cannot stand is humor in the forum of mockery, satire or ridicule directed at them.

Judicial Watch reports: “In what appears to be a first for a serious presidential contender, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club.”

“A video of the short performance, which is less than three minutes, is posted on the website of the renowned club, Laugh Factory, and the Clinton campaign has tried to censor it. Besides demanding that the video be taken down, the Clinton campaign has demanded the personal contact information of the performers that appear in the recording.”

Wonder what kind of visit they’d get if that information were provided to the Hildebeest.

The article notes “This is no laughing matter for club owner Jamie Masada, a comedy guru who opened Laugh Factory more than three decades ago and has been instrumental in launching the careers of many famous comics. “They threatened me,” Masada told Judicial Watch. ‘I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.’”

“Practically all of the country’s most acclaimed comedians have performed at the Laugh Factory and undoubtedly they have offended politicians and other well-known personalities with their standup routines…”

“The five short performances that Clinton wants eliminated include some profanity and portions could be considered crass, but some of the lines are funny and that’s what the Laugh Factory is all about. The video features the individual acts of five comedians, four men and a woman. The skits make fun of Clinton’s wardrobe, her age, sexual orientation, the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the former First Lady’s relationship with her famous husband. The Laugh Factory has appropriately titled it ‘Hillary vs. The First Amendment.'”

“Masada told Judicial Watch that, as soon as the video got posted on the Laugh Factory website, he received a phone call from a ‘prominent’ person inside Clinton’s campaign. ‘He said the video was disgusting and asked who put me up to this,’ Masada said. The Clinton staffer, who Masada did not want to identify, also demanded to know the names and phone numbers of the comedians that appear in the video. Masada refused and hung up. He insists that the comedy stage is a sanctuary for freedom of speech no matter who is offended. ‘Just last night we had (Emmy-award winner) Dana Carvey doing Donald Trump and it was hilarious,’ Masada said.”

If this is how the Sea Hag behaves during the campaign, when in theory she is supposed to be winning over hearts and minds, how will she comport herself once she is in the Oval Office? Will she send her Secret Service goons to follow home and beat up her critics? Will she arrest them and drag them away to Guantanamo to be waterboarded on fabricated terrorism charges?

We’ve already seen Obama use the IRS as a political weapon against the Tea Party and the gutless Republican John Boehner failed to Impeach him over that. Don’t expect the Republicans to control her and it’s obvious she can’t control herself.

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