Private Jewish Schools Called into Question

Orthodox Jews

by Ian Mosley

Of all the ethnic groups living in the Western world, only the Jews have the privilege of maintaining their own private and restricted educational system, solely for their own children. Only the Jews are allowed any degree of separation at all from the madness. Apparently some British bureaucrats haven’t gotten the message.

An article from reports: “A haredi school, Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh in the Golders Green neighborhood of London, got another bad government education inspection report Thursday, Ham & High reported.”

“OFSTED, the government’s education agency, lashed out Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh for not significantly improving after being given the lowest inspection rating, ‘inadequate,’ earlier this year.”

“After that first OFSTED report earlier this year, Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh hired a new head teacher. But that didn’t bring enough change.”

“The school does not sufficiently promote diversity and wider faiths.”

Oh really? You mean Jews are supposed to wallow in all that diversity crap as well? Not only will Jewish schools promote Jews segregating themselves from everyone else, they believe they are superior to all the Gentiles surrounding them.

That article continues “‘There were few displays of pupils’ work. Cultural development is not broad and diverse. Pupils reported to inspectors that they had studied Ramadan. They did not have an understanding of this subject.”

I think we can guess what the rabbis told the Yidlings about Ramadan.

“The newest OFSTED report says, adding that students still spend the ‘majority’ of their time studying religious texts and have little exposure to English literacy and math.”

The report doesn’t mention that yeshiva schools are sexually segregated and the pupils were almost certainly all male.

The Jews only need to wait one or two more generations for the White race to be race-mixed out of existence as part of their plans (if no one comes along to stop them), and then their control of power and the media will be so unchallenged, that they won’t need to hide their agenda nearly as much anymore.

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