An Instant Check System for Gun Sales and Why there’s Opposition to that

Bersa Thunder Plus

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump just unveiled a detailed statement on his support for the Second Amendment. He notes that bans on magazines and specific types of (semi-auto) guns should stop and that a concealed carry permit that is good in one state should be good in all 50 states.

Trump also points out the problem with trying to start a system of background checks. In an IJ Review article, Trump notes “Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system — and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it.”

Donald Trump has accurately stated the problem with instant checks showing he’s clearly got a serious interest in the Second Amendment (unlike most system politicians).

This problem with the instant check system is DELIBERATELY caused by the Democrats by the way.

It should be relatively easy to compile a list of felons and mental patients so that someone could call a 1-800 number run by the government for any gun transaction.

The reasons that the Democrats have for sabotaging the instant check system are that:

1). A list of felons and mental patients could also be used to disqualify a large number of Democrats from voting and

2). The top ranks of the Democrat Party secretly want some guns to fall into the wrong hands. (In the case of Obama and Holder, they PUT assault rifles into the hands of the Mexican drug gang members with their Fast and Furious program!!) If a mental patient or someone getting a powerful anti-psychotic drug gets his hands on some firearms, there’s a chance that if he stops taking his medicine, he may suffer some psychotic episode during drug withdrawal and go on a shooting spree. We’ve seen this happen with at least a dozen shooters, all of whom had been on some serious prescription drugs.


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