Hillary and Obama Want Syrian “Refugees” to Continue Coming to America

Obama Syrians

by James Buchanan

A recent terror attack by Muslim Arabs in Paris killed 132 people and wounded over 300. The UK Mirror reports that a terror attack in Germany was just foiled: “A suspected terrorist plot is thought to have been foiled in Germany tonight after a series of bomb scares rocked Hannover.”

“French intelligence officials are reported to have warned their German counterparts about a potential attack, sparking a string of security alerts this evening.”

“The spooks told German authorities that the terrorists might strike using an explosives-laden vehicle with official access to the football stadium, such as an ambulance, TV crew van or security patrol car, reports Die Welt.”

“According to German newspaper Bild, a North African terror cell was planning to attack Hannover with assault rifles and suicide vests – chillingly similar to the methods used in Paris on Friday…”

Despite the massive terror attack in Paris, and a similar attack, foiled at the last minute in Germany, liberal politicians still want the flow of Syrian “refugees” to the US to continue.

A UK Daily Mail news article reports “As Hillary Clinton dressed down Republican rhetoric today on Muslim Syrian refugees, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump turned his up a notch, during an appearance on ABC News with Barbara Walters.”

“‘The problem is we don’t know if they’re Christian or not. And I would certainly say that would be superior,’ Trump said, referring to the massive amount of Syrians, both Christian and Muslim, who are fleeing the country thanks to ISIS.”

“‘We have no idea who these people are. They have no papers,’ he continued. ‘They have no paperwork. You can get forged documents very easily in Syria.'”

“Clinton wagged her finger today at Republicans trying to shut the flow of refugees.”

“‘We’ve seen a lot of hateful rhetoric from the GOP. But the idea that we’d turn away refugees because of religion is a new low,’ she said on Twitter.”

The Democrats have a long-term plan of turning America into a majority non-White nation, which will give their party a permanent voting majority. Liberal elitists like Obama and Hillary don’t care if Americans get killed by the Third World people that they’re bringing in. They don’t care if Mexican drug gang criminals, rapists, drunk drivers or even terrorists come to America thanks to their Open Borders policy.

It seems more than a little tone deaf of Hillary to support a flood of fake Syrian refugees just days after a terror attack in Paris, but that’s how militant liberals are about bringing Third World people to White nations.

Hillary is an unlikable career criminal, who used a private e-mail server to solicit bribes while Secretary of State. Her negligence led to the deaths of the US ambassador and three other Americans in Libya. Despite all this, the liberal media keeps claiming that Hillary will win the 2016 election.

Even if Hillary slithers her way out of the current criminal investigation, not to mention her repeated obstructions of justice, the Democrats will soon discover just how huge the illegal immigration issue is to ordinary Americans, and the Democrats will lose states in the 2016 presidential election that they haven’t lost since Reagan ran for president.


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