The Muslim Terror Massacre in Paris


by Ian Mosley

Anyone with a gram of common sense should have been able to predict that the flood of Arab Muslims coming into Europe would lead to a major terrorist attack. The US has experienced a series of Muslim attacks including the 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center, followed by the 2001 911 attack and then a long series of other attacks including Nidal Hassan shooting dead 13 US soldiers at Fort Hood and an attack on a Marines recruiting center that left four dead. As with many such stories, the conclusions are so obvious that the only remaining question is why our politicians won’t do what needs to be done?

A CNN article reports “Gunmen and bombers attacked restaurants, a concert hall and a sports stadium at locations across Paris on Friday, killing at least 120 people in what a shaken President Francois Hollande called an unprecedented terrorist attack.”

“A Paris city hall official said gunmen systematically slaughtered nearly 100 people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall. Anti-terrorist commandos eventually launched an assault on the building, killed the gunmen and rescued dozens of shocked survivors.’

“Some 40 other people were killed in up to five other attacks in the Paris region, the city hall official said, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the national stadium where Hollande and the German Foreign Minister were watching a friendly soccer international.”

“Paris Public Prosecutor Francois Molins said the overall death toll was at least 120. Five assailants had been ‘neutralised’.”

I’m genuinely curious what is going on in the minds of the people who rule France and other European nations? Back when they opened their borders to millions of racially and religiously non-assimilable foreigners who hate them, what did they think was going to happen?

Will anyone dare even to ask this question? I noticed in another article that the police in Berlin spent the past 24 hours raiding web sites and arresting bloggers for “hate speech” for daring to criticize the invasion. I wonder how that lunatic woman who runs Germany will react to this?

It seems the politicians in Europe are bought-and-paid for traitors just like the Democrats and System Republicans. At least there are anti-immigration parties in most European countries although many of them are constrained by “hate speech” laws that liberals and Jews have invented to prevent any harsh discussion of Third World invaders.

Europeans need to demand total Free Speech so the Jews can’t hamstring them. In the meantime, Europeans desperately need a Second Amendment and the right to carry arms so that they won’t be gunned down like defenseless sheep again.


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