Over One Hundred Killed by Muslim Terrorists in Paris!

Terror Attack in Paris

by James Buchanan

A CNN news article reports “Scores of people are reported dead after what are being called terror attacks across Paris. Police early Saturday freed hostages at a concert hall where more than 100 people may have died. The attacks seemed to be planned to hit areas where many people would be gathered on a Friday night, officials said.”

France has had almost an open borders policy to the Third World for decades. Tourists visiting Paris have complained that “It doesn’t look like Paris” as swarms of bearded Arabs and women in burqas fill the streets.

Both France and England suffered massive Muslim riots in recent years, but that didn’t get the politicians to back off from their open borders policy.

Other nations in Europe are rebelling against the Muslim invasion of Europe. An article on Breitbart news reports “Tens of thousands of Polish nationalists descended on Warsaw, Poland yesterday to mark the nation’s independence day. Demonstrators burned the European Union (EU) flag and banners on display compared EU membership to Soviet occupation.”

“The rally was held under the slogan, ‘Poland for the Poles, Poles for Poland’, in reference to the ongoing migrant crisis.”

“Banners read, ‘Great Catholic Poland’ and, ‘Stop Islamisation’ with demonstrators chanting, ‘God, honour, homeland’ …The marchers in Warsaw trampled on and burned an EU flag at one point.”

The mental disease of liberalism is destroying France and Britain. Those nations may wind up becoming nothing but multi-racial Third World Babylons if they don’t turn things around soon.

More racially aware nations like Poland appear determined to stop the Muslim invasion and to preserve their heritage and culture.

We have the same problem here in America. Leftist politicians are trying to turn every White nation into a multi-racial Babylon in exchange for votes from Third World invaders. It’s world-wide genocide against the White race unless we stop it.

Thankfully, here in the US, we have Donald Trump calling for an end to Barack Obama’s open borders policy. This would definitely be a first step, but we have a long way to go to wake up our people and to prevent the situation which has allowed Muslim terrorists to slaughter people in Paris.


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