Black 12 Year Old Found Guilty of Murdering White Nine Year Old Child, Michael Connor Verkerke

Michael Connor Verkerke

by James Buchanan

Every moral individual has a responsibility to make his society better and safer for the next generation. Unfortunately, we’ve had several generations, who have embraced the insanity of Diversity, which has made our society more and more dangerous for White children. Last summer, nine year old Michael Connor Verkerke was murdered by a 12 year old Black while playing in a playground. The killer, Jamarion Lawhorn was tried as an adult.

A recent news article reports: “A jury convicted a 13-year-old boy of first-degree murder… turning aside defense claims that a childhood of abuse should shield him from criminal responsibility for the fatal stabbing of a younger boy at a western Michigan playground.”

So do some people in the legal world think that Blacks, who have been raised badly by their parent(s), should have a license to kill? I suppose we’re lucky the jury didn’t buy that excuse this time.

The article notes “The verdict in Kent County court came after a three-day trial and four hours of deliberations… He will be sentenced as a juvenile, then resentenced as an adult when he turns 21.”

“‘Prison is the answer,’ said Michael Verkerke, father of the 9-year-old victim.”

No, prison isn’t the answer because this Negro will get out of jail while he’s still young enough to kill more White people.

The article continues “There was never a dispute that the boy, who was 12 at the time, killed Michael Connor Verkerke last summer at a playground in Kentwood, near Grand Rapids. The jury had to determine whether years of abuse at home had wrecked his mental health and overwhelmed his decisions.”

“In his closing argument, prosecutor Kevin Bramble said the killing was planned for months and the boy knew what he did was wrong because he called 911. During the call, which was played for the jury, the boy demands that police arrest him and give him the electric chair. ‘He set out to kill someone and he did it,’ Bramble told jurors Thursday. ‘Take the emotion out of it.'”

Does anyone seriously believe that someone who is a stone-cold, psychotic killer at age 12 should be let loose… ever? Sadly, there are delusional liberals, who think so. The bottom line is that ordinary Blacks hate White people. Just try taking the wrong turn off from the freeway into a ghetto neighborhood and see how long you can drive before things are thrown at your car and guns are brandished at you!!

It is not safe for White children to play with Black children no matter how young they are. Many ghetto parents instill a hatred of White people from the youngest age. Combined with an abusive upbringing, many Black children are walking powder kegs ready to explode.

This should NOT be our problem. Liberal politicians have thrown away trillions of dollars for welfare, food stamps and Section 8 housing, and Blacks are only becoming MORE hostile toward Whites with each new generation. White people need to expel the Black population from America for our own safety and for the safety of our children. Allowing these dangerous creatures to remain in America is only planting the seeds for future senseless murders of innocent White children.


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