Donald Trump Wins Fourth Debate

DrudgeTrump Poll

by James Buchanan

A poll on the Drudge report shows Donald Trump with a commanding lead over the other candidates in terms of who won the fourth debate. (The poll numbers will likely change a bit from the screen capture shown here since the poll will probably be open to voting for another day.) The most encouraging thing about this poll is not that Trump is first, but what it says about the other candidates.

The poll is supposed to determine who won this particular debate. The large vote for Ted Cruz probably came from people, who are really Trump supporters, but who thought Cruz did a good job in this particular debate. Many of the people voting in this poll are really saying who they want to be the next president, which is why Trump keeps getting the biggest percentage.

Ben Carson, the big challenger to Donald Trump, according to the New York Times and one or two other pollsters, did a nose dive to less than five percent.

Ted Cruz, who holds many of the same positions as Trump, soared to 21 percent.

The worst debate performance was by John Kasich and Jeb Bush. After Trump made another strong call for enforcing immigration law, Jeb Bush and John Kasich both tried to claim that America can’t deport eleven million illegal aliens, which has been the big slogan of the pro-Amnesty Republicans for at least eight years. America can do whatever it sets its mind on doing, and as long as we don’t have pro-Amnesty traitors in the Republican party, we can deport as many illegal aliens as we want!

Kasich placed near the bottom of the poll. Jeb was at the bottom.

The dominant issue for most Republicans is still the illegal alien problem, but Trump’s positions on other issues such as trade and foreign policy show that Trump can improve America on a wide range of issues. Trump called for easing taxes on money made by corporations that was made overseas so that they could bring that money back to America. The Democrats have kept the tax rate high and the amount of corporate money “trapped” overseas is in the trillions. If only part of this money came back, it could be a major boost to our economy. Most of the other candidates did not even seem to think this was an issue and had no comment.

Marco Rubio, a pro-Amnesty Republican, dropped to fourth place in the poll after calling the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin “a criminal.” Donald Trump said that we can be friends with Russia, which would be a stark change from the Obama’s regime’s antagonism toward Russia which is based largely on Obama’s support of Gay rights.

Trump supporters could hardly have asked for a better debate with Jeb’s campaign in ruins. Carson floundering. Rubio dropping badly. Kasich self-destructing, and the better candidates, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul increasing their numbers. Trump leading with 40 percent again is even more good news.


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