Illegal Alien, Deported Six Times, Charged in Fatal Hit-and-Run Accident

by James Buchanan

One of the big reasons why Donald Trump continues to be so popular with ordinary Americans is that he’s the only one brave enough to suggest that there are serious criminal problems with many illegals. Trump’s famous remark about illegal alien rapists proved that he was willing to discuss topics that other candidates would not touch. (That remark about rapists by the way was in response to a Huffington Post article the same week which claimed that half of the women coming to the US from Central America were raped along the way. The liberal media of course never put Trump’s remark in context, but it didn’t matter. Their attempt to ambush him backfired, and Trump continues to lead in the polls to this day.)

An article from the American Mirror reports “A man accused in a fatal hit-and-run on Tuesday is an illegal alien who has been deported at least six times since 2001.”

“Santa Ana, California police say Ramon Jaime Horta was driving on a suspended license when he allegedly struck and killed 24-year-old Marcello Bisarello, the Orange County Register reports.”

“Bisarello was sitting on a street curb around 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon when he was struck by a driver of a ‘swerving’ van police say was intoxicated.”

“He died at the scene while Horta fled and was pursued by a witness. He was apprehended a short time later.”

“’He has previous DUI convictions so it is possible the charges can be upgraded to second-degree murder if he was given a Watson Advisement,’ police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna says, referring to a document a convict signs acknowledging the dangers of drinking and driving.”

Illegal alien drunk drivers are a major problem in the southwest US. These individuals can kill you just as dead as an MS13 gang banger on crack, but they tend to fly under the radar even though the chances of being victimized by one of them is much, much higher than that of being victimized by traditional criminals of the illegal alien type.

Even if you are lucky enough not to be seriously injured in a car accident with one of them, you could easily be plunged into the gigantic hassle of dealing with a car accident with someone, who is unlikely to have any insurance.

If Trump becomes president, he will be doing all of us an enormous favor by getting these lawless and often drunk illegal alien drivers off our streets so we don’t have to play Russian roulette every time we go out on the freeways in an area with a heavy Latino population.


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