Sex Offenders Sneaking across the Border

Illegal Aliens Crossing Border

by Jeff Davis

People outside the United States know at least two things: (1). Barack Obama refuses to enforce immigration law (while gutless Republicans won’t do anything to hold him accountable) and (2). The US is soft on sex offenders. People, who would get the death penalty in Indonesia, get a slap on the wrist here in the US and many Americans suffer from the liberal delusion that child molesters can somehow be cured.

An article from reports: “The Border Patrol is reporting a severe spike in sex offenders sneaking into the U.S. According to the feds, illegal immigrant sex offenders have been caught in every corner of the Rio Grande Valley .

“Border Patrol agents are running into more sex offenders this year than last year. Within the last five months, 144 were apprehended. During the same time last year, 93 sex offenders were caught trying to fly under the radar. In December, a woman from El Salvador was picked up, who was convicted of child sex assault back in 2009. It reportedly happened in Dallas County. Later that month, three Mexican nationals were caught near Harlingen. In February, seven sex offenders were rounded up near McAllen, Harlingen, Falfurrias and Kingsville. Less than a week later, another two Mexican nationals were caught. Two days ago, two Guatemalan men were arrested.”

It’s not clear if all of these sex offenders have past records in the US. One wonders just how inefficient police agencies of Central America are at catching child molesters and maintaining records on them. Their desire to come to the US (or to return to the US) must involve getting a new identity and then blending into American society so that they can begin molesting children all over again.

The article continues “The sex offenders go to great lengths to avoid capture. Agents said they often travel through South Texas brush and try to blend in with large groups of illegal immigrants. Border Patrol agents are using sophisticated software that search criminal databases worldwide. They have strengthened their biometric technology, which scans fingerprints, scans retinas, and has facial recognition. Agents cannot say why more sex offenders are attempting to cross.”

Latino sex offenders KNOW that Obama and the Democrat Party want more brown people from the Third World flooding into America to eventually vote Democrat. They know that they can enter America with no paperwork and live here for years.

In fact, I’m surprised that ANY check is being done on illegal aliens or that the Border Patrol is being allowed to even detain illegal aliens at all anymore.

Still, for every sex offender they catch, there could be one hundred, who sneak past our leaky, unfenced border all thanks to Obama and the traitors in Congress, who won’t secure the border.


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