Ben Carson Slumps in the Polls

Ben Carson

by James Buchanan

Ben Carson has been slumping in the polls, especially after his abysmal performance in the third GOP debate. A Drudge Report Poll showed Trump winning the third debate by a landslide while Carson was only in the single digits.

Not only is Carson losing in the national polls, a Gravis poll on Nov. 3rd, showed Trump with 29% pulling well ahead of Carson at 22% in the state of Iowa –a state that the liberal media has been telling us was dominated by Carson!

Not only has Carson lost Iowa, he is doing poorly nationally. A Reuters article reports “Support for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson fell significantly after last week’s CNBC debate, while Donald Trump remains the leader of the pack.” (The direct link to the article appears to have problems so go to Reuters polling and click on the article “Carson plummets after most recent debate”.

The chart from Reuters (pictured below) shows Carson nearing Trump’s numbers, but then falling sharply. You would never know this if you listen to CNN or the rest of the mainstream media. They have created a meme that Trump is slumping and Carson is surging, and they are sticking to this in the face of evidence that the opposite is true.

The liberal media doesn’t want to admit that their latest golden boy (who was supposed to topple Trump) has fallen flat. Trump is still king of the Republican primary. Several pundits have observed that support for Trump is extremely solid because people who vote on the illegal alien issue don’t change their minds easily.

Carson may have picked up the fickle Fiorina supporters, who deserted her after her 15 minutes was over. Now Carson is nose-diving as people realize this low-energy candidate with several bizarre beliefs, not to mention his ten years of hocking the “Magic Moses Manna pills” is not the one they want for president.



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