Donald Trump Wins Third Republican Debate

Third Debate Poll 2015

by James Buchanan

Despite getting only about as much talking time as the “three percent” candidates, who should have been excluded by now, and less talking time than either Fiorina or Rubio, Donald Trump was judged the overwhelming winner of the third Republican debate in a poll held on the Drudge Report website. With 119,000 votes cast, Trump was winning the poll on who won the debate with 68 percent of the vote, an even more crushing victory than his first two debate performances.

Speaking Times Third Debate 2015

Trump made his position very clear on guns and illegal aliens. Trump said that gun free zones allowed crazed gun men to go on shooting sprees (without the chance of an armed citizen stopping them). These are the two biggest issues of the election, and Trump clearly owns the illegal alien issue, and his position on guns is very popular among Republicans.

Ben Carson put forward a poor performance at the debate and will likely sink back down in the polls soon, despite a highly dubious claim by the New York Times about his “soaring” poll numbers. Donald Trump had scored 40 percent among Republicans in the Morning Consult poll and 36 percent in the Gravis poll shortly before the debate.

The CNBC liberals did bring up the issue of Trump having four bankruptcies (among hundreds of business operations) which had been brought up in a previous debate. Meanwhile, there has only been one Democrat debate and no one has asked Hillary about Whitewater, her failure to send requested troops to protect the (now dead) Libyan ambassador, her use of a private e-mail server to solicit bribes or any of the other Clinton scandals.

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