Anti-White Casting in New Star Wars Movie

Star Wars

Hollywood has shoehorned Blacks into roles that should have gone to Whites from everything from viking movies to the latest Star Wars movie.

A WorldNetDaily article reports: “Director J.J. Abrams’ political activism has prompted online fans to boycott “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for being anti-white.”

“The hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII exploded on Twitter Monday, just hours before the release of a new trailer during ESPN’s Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles. The reason: Abrams’ movie is allegedly a dream come true for race activists.”

“’#BoycottStarWarsVII because it is anti-white propaganda promoting #whitegenocide,’ an account called End Cultural Marxism said. ‘A friend in L.A. said #StarWarsVII is basically ‘[Black Lives Matter activist] Deray Mckesson] in Space. Jewish activist JJ Abrams is an anti-white nut.’”

“The Hollywood Reporter found a tweet by a user identified as Captain Confederacy saying, ‘Social Justice Warriors complain about White artists misappropriating culture created by blacks but then celebrate a non-White Star Wars. It’s nothing more than a social justice propaganda piece that alienates it’s core audience of young white males,’ another user tweeted, the website reported.”

“The new Star Wars movie features a diverse cast, including star John Boyega. When fans questioned how the British actor, who is black, could be a Stormtrooper in November 2014, the actor responded, ‘Get used to it,’ Nov. 29, 2014, on Instagram.”

The original Star Wars movie in 1977 was notable for being one of the Whitest movies in recent decades. Aside from the bar scene, virtually all the actors were White with the only exception being Darth Vader’s voice although Darth Vader was supposed to be White as he was Luke Skywalker’s father.

The second Star Wars movie shoe-horned the untalented Billy Dee Williams into a major supporting role as a token offering to political correctness, and more Negroes were added in other sequels and prequels, but the main characters were still White.

With the rise of the Internet and Twitter, it appears as though fan reaction is finally playing a role, and there’s definitely a backlash against making a Black actor the biggest star and center of the latest Star Wars movie.

Science Fiction fans are mostly White males and placing some stone age Black in the role of a high tech sci fi warrior just doesn’t sit well. Will Smith found this out the hard way when he and his son starred in “After Earth” which turned out to be a major sci fi disappointment.

An article from quotes Will Smith as saying “That (After Earth movie) was the most painful failure in my career.”

The best way to settle this is to just not watch the latest Star Wars movie as if anyone would want to watch one with a Black as the main character.

This movie is already doomed to have a fraction of the revenue of the other Star Wars movies thanks to Abrams’ politically correct casting. American audiences want someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise as the star, and that goes double for sci fi movies, not Tyrone Biggums. If a popular Black actor like Will Smith couldn’t have a successful sci-fi movie in 2013, an unknown British Black actor is a sure-fire recipe for box office disappointment.

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