Trump Gets 40 Percent in Nation-Wide Poll of Republican Voters

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

All the cable news pundits have been falling over each other praising Ben Carson and marveling at his “meteoric rise in the polls.” There’s just one little problem: They did the same exact thing with Carly Fiorina a few weeks ago, hoping that she would take out the GOP front-runner Donald Trump, and that effort fizzled out.

Well, the System Republicans have reason for despair: Donald Trump has gotten 40 percent in the latest nation-wide Morning Consult poll of Republican voters. Their best hope du jour of defeating Trump, Ben Carson has fallen to 14 percent in that poll.

The bottom line for most Americans is that the government start enforcing immigration laws again after 8 years of non-enforcement by Barack Obama. The illegal alien problem is an issue that cuts through normal political ties. A majority of Democrats wants illegal aliens to be deported.

The liberal media propagandists always try to paint people who want to enforce the law as being “extremists who want to go door to door rounding up illegal aliens at some astronomical cost.” Well, that tired old liberal lie, which many cuckservative Republicans like to parrot, can be easily dismissed:

1). We wouldn’t be in a situation where we needed to deport millions of illegal aliens if there hadn’t been a bipartisan betrayal of the American public by the Democrats, who want to build a non-White majority, and System Republicans, who kowtow to big corporations who want cheap labor. Once we deport the current crowd of illegals, we can avoid this problem in the future simply by enforcing immigration law, as we’ve done in previous decades and not letting the problem build up to such a massive size in the future.

2). By putting pressure on employers not to employ illegal aliens and by denying illegal aliens government hand outs, we can force the vast majority of illegal aliens to self-deport at absolutely zero cost to the government.

3). The remaining illegals can be gradually deported by rounding them up during traffic stops as called for by Arizona’s SB1070 law which the Obama regime filed a lawsuit against. Eventually a bounty could be offered on illegal aliens, but most of them will choose to self-deport under their own terms than to stay here past a deadline, past which more aggressive deportations will ensue.

The illegal alien problem is the most important issue of our day and it’s no surprise that Trump with his strong stand against illegal aliens has risen to 40 percent support among Republicans this early in the primary.

The only thing mystifying is why the media is still wasting time talking about Ben Carson, who is a distant second place in the GOP primary, or why they’re so hopeful about Hillary, who stands no chance whatsoever in a general election against the populist candidate, Trump.

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