System Republicans Admitting Trump Could Win Nomination

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

After months of dismissive belittling comments directed toward Donald Trump, the Republican Party appears to be figuring out that Trump could win the nomination.

An article from National Review reports “It began as whispers in hushed corners: Could it ever happen? And now, just three months from the Iowa caucuses, members of the Republican establishment are starting to give voice to an increasingly common belief that Donald Trump, once dismissed… might very well win the nomination.”

“Trump is a serious player for the nomination at this time,” says Ed Rollins, who served as the national campaign director for Reagan’s 1984 reelection and as campaign chairman for Mike Huckabee in 2008.”

The fact that Trump has been leading in the polls for the last three months should be a wake up call for anyone, who thought that Jeb Bush would just glide right into the 2016 nomination.

A CNN article reports “Donald Trump is yet again on top of the latest national poll of Republican voters, taking his biggest lead in weeks with 32% of support.”

“And while Trump has spent recent days feuding with Jeb Bush over former President George W. Bush’s legacy on keeping America safe, the former Florida governor is stuck in the single digits with 7%, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday. That puts Bush in fourth place, behind Ben Carson at 22% and Sen. Marco Rubio at 10%.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has been in the 30s in a poll. One political pundit observed that Trump’s supporters are extremely loyal because of the immigration issue. Trump has convinced Americans that he’s the man to deal with illegal aliens while System Republicans will merely stab the voters in the back and pass an Amnesty.

There is a very broad support for deporting illegal aliens that crosses party lines. If Trump does win the GOP nomination, it seems likely he will steamroll the thoroughly unlikable Hillary Clinton who has a long history of corruption with the Benghazi investigation still nipping at her heels.


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