Can Magnets Influence your Mind?


by Jeff Davis

Have liberals discovered a way to alter the minds of people, who hold views, they don’t like?

An article from reports “Here’s the breathless headline: Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God with MAGNETS!”

“Wait. Attitudes toward God and immigrants? Are these a natural pair? The newspaper thought so. They tell of an experiment which claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants.”

You mean besides the U.K.’s draconian hate laws prescribing seven years in prison for so much as a racial thought?

The article continues “How’s it done? Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, researchers can ‘safely’ shut down certain groups of neurons in the brain.”

“It seems to have worked. Volunteers were coaxed into having their brains zapped by giant magnets. And, lo! Belief in God was reduced almost by a third, while participants became 28.5 per cent less bothered by immigration numbers.”

No. I am not making this up. Click on the link and read the story if you don’t believe me.

The thing is, this is exactly the kind of intrusion that the dictatorial règimes of Europe and probably our own American and Canadian dictatorships as well are quite capable of attempting. Lining up the population, quite possibly at gunpoint, and zapping everybody’s brain with giant magnets to rid people of politically incorrect thoughts.

Never mind the probability that belief in God and not wanting their nation overrun with needy Third World people may just be the signs of a normal brain, and the magnetic tampering with the brain is likely causing confusion and/or damage.


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