Texas Congressman Calls for an End to Refugee Asylum Program


by James Buchanan

A WorldNetDaily article reports “A Texas congressman has introduced legislation that would halt the resettlement of United Nations-certified refugees in the U.S. pending a full study on the program’s impact on the nation’s economy and national security.”

“Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, introduced the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, or HR 3314, which places an ‘immediate suspension on allowing immigrants into the United States under the refugee resettlement program, until the Government Accountability Office (GAO) completes a thorough examination of its costs on federal, state and local governments.’”

“According to U.S. government data, nearly 500,000 new immigrants have come to the U.S. under the resettlement program since President Obama took office – with the state of Texas and its taxpayers taking in more than any other state.”

“Since 2002, a total of 69,490 refugees from more than a dozen countries have been resettled in Texas. That does not include ‘secondary migration,’ which involves refugees moving into Texas after first being resettled elsewhere.”

Unfortunately, Barack Obama will never sign this bill to end a policy that he deliberately began, so let’s hope this bill to stop the US from accepting refugees gets re-submitted when Donald Trump is president.

For years, I’ve pushed the idea that these so-called refugees should only be allowed to seek asylum in equally poor countries to the ones that they come from.

That would eliminate the 99.999% of phony refugees, who are really just economic refugees from Third World poverty.

I would even support giving a small amount of economic aid to a few Third World countries so that they would accept these refugees into their countries. That way any Americans who might have guilt pangs about not letting in the rare real political refugees, will rest assured that they still got asylum, just not in the USA.

If a “refugee” from Uganda shows up, for example, he will be put on a plane headed to a designated Third World refugee center like Nigeria, and Nigeria will get a little economic aid for all the refugees, that it accepts, in return.

There is no reason to let these needy Third World people flood into the US along with all the other Third World illegal aliens, except for the Democrat Party agenda to turn America into a non-White majority country.


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