Black Teen Robs Waffle House, Fatally Shot by Armed Citizen

Joshua Davis

by James Buchanan

A Black teen, Joshua Germaine Davis attempted to rob a Waffle House in North Charleston, South Carolina, but was fatally shot by an armed citizen.

An article from the Post and Courier reports “The Waffle House crew was busily going about its typical early-morning ritual — smothering and scrambling breakfast, clanking through the dirty dishes — when a robber jolted them out of their routine.”

“A customer decided he was having none of that and opened fire in the North Charleston eatery, thwarting the holdup Saturday by fatally shooting the suspect.”

“The young man who tried to rob the restaurant was rushed to Medical University Hospital, but he later died, police spokeswoman Angela Johnson said.”

“The intervening customer, who has not been identified, had a permit to carry a pistol, authorities said.”

“A restaurant employee expressed gratitude for the customer’s action.”

“’He saved us, that’s what he did.’”

“Said an officer at the scene: ‘It says something about firearms … for good people with firearms being in the right hands.’”

Needless to say, it’s lucky for the gun-owner that this took place in a state that supports its armed citizens. States like New York and California are still fighting against any “shall issue” concealed carry permit system, leaving the vast majority of their citizens defenseless against vicious minority criminals.

Many liberal politicians are determined to punish anyone, who dares to shoot one of their precious Black youths, regardless of circumstances. The witch hunt against George Zimmerman was a despicable violation of a citizen’s Right to self-defense all because the criminal looked like he could be Obama’s son, and because the Democrat hacks in Florida went after Zimmerman for political retribution and to appease ill-informed Black mobs stirred up by lies from the Jewish media.

Things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. White people increasingly need to consider where they want to live their lives. Obviously, the most minority-free parts of the country would be best, but unfortunately job necessities often force White people to live near minorities. White people can still keep themselves safe with concealed carry weapons and by choosing to live in states, where gun owners Rights are respected.


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