Hildebeest Dissed Again

Hillary 2016

A Breitbart article reports that “conservative” blogger Andrew Sullivan “slammed Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a talent-free hack, and openly wondered if she has any core beliefs on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time. Sullivan began by criticizing ‘This unbelievably useless, terrible candidate of Hillary Clinton…”

“After host Bill Maher asked Sullivan to explain, he asked, ‘Has she ever given a speech that you were inspired by? Does she have any good retail skills? Is she able to come across on TV?’ Sullivan added, ‘A large majority of the country don’t believe a word she’s saying, for good reason. This week, her cynicism reached like an almost perfect Clinton level.’”

“After Maher suggested the press might be to blame, Sullivan responded, ‘Oh poor, poor Hillary. She can’t handle the press?’ Sullivan later stated, ‘She’s a talent-free hack. He further argued, ‘The only decision you could really put on her was the disastrous Libya invasion, which repeated every mistake that George W. Bush made, that violated everything that Obama stood for, and has led to disaster.'”

“He further called Clinton a mediocrity, and ‘I think if the Democrats are sane and sensible, this is a dangerous time for this country, they need to find someone with ability, and talent, and leadership. But not her.'”

“Sullivan also blasted her email server as a ‘dumb error…'”

Well, not really. It wasn’t an error, it’s just something she decided to do deliberately so she could arrange bribes from foreign governments and foreign billionaires because she is above the law, totally unaccountable and she knows that nothing will be done about it. Look at the difference between Hillary committing a MASSIVE violation of federal laws –which by the way is intended to allow government oversight to prevent bribery– and General Petraeus, who was actually held accountable to the law, and fined $100,000 and given two years probation for violating federal law regarding classified material.

The Breitbart article continues “60% of the country don’t believe a word she says. … no one gets elected president if no one trusts you, or believes a word you say, for good reason. Do you really believe she genuinely opposes this Pacific trade pact? Do you really — the one she argued for, negotiated for, and this week came out against it? For what reason? She can’t even give a good reason.”

The 2016 election is going to be a train wreck for the Democrat Party with Hillary as their candidate. Also, Donald Trump is a much stronger and more popular candidate than the know-it-all pundits at CNN and Fox News will admit. The illegal alien problem is the biggest issue for ordinary patriotic Americans.

Nice to see the Left stuck with a total loser of a candidate for a change.


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