How another Democrat in Congress Behaves

Eleanor Norton

by Jeff Davis

An article from Universal Free Press reports: “Another story about how there are one set of rules for Republicans…excuse me…I mean WHITE Republicans…and another set of rules for Democrats.”

“A congresswoman has come under-fire after her bad parking was caught on camera. Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton, 77, who represents by the District of Columbia, was secretly filmed as she drove into a spot on Capitol Hill at the wrong angle. Instead of pushing forwards at 45-degrees, she blindly performed a perpendicular maneuver. As a result, the back and front ends of her car were almost touching other vehicles, while her bumper also rested well over the curb.”

(I wonder if she were drunk.)

“Footage shows her jutting to a standstill as a young aide runs over to help. But he decides there is little he can do to help the situation and goes over to help Norton out of the silver sedan instead. As he strolls to the driver’s door, around the 40-second mark, a U.S. Capitol police officer zooms by on a motorcycle apparently oblivious to the parking offense.”

“Norton, then locks her car and walks away. But before getting too far she stops and returns to her vehicle. It looks like she might have spotted her bad parking. However, it transpires that she’s merely forgotten something. After retrieving the possession she locks up and simply walks off as if she doesn’t give a rats ass!”

(She doesn’t care. Rules don’t apply to her. You could say the same for Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner too.)

“The tipster who filmed the incident can be heard in the background saying: ‘Eleanor Holmes Norton is struggling to park her car right now and she has hit that red car next to her… repeatedly,’ the unidentified man says. ‘If she parks like that, she should not be in congress.’ ”

She shouldn’t be in Congress regardless. Her bad parking and a hit and run offense just makes it clear what sort of individual she is. But she is a member of a politically protected class in a Third World dictatorship, so she gets to make a mess and walk away from it.

Which is what Congress does all day anyway.


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