Ben Carson Drops in the Polls, Trump at 32 Percent

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

A recent news article reports “Donald Trump continues to lead among Republicans, currently with 32% of Republican support (up from 30% last week). Ben Carson remains in 2nd at 12% among Republicans. Carson has lost some ground in the latest poll. Jeb Bush remains in 3rd with 10%. Carly Fiorina has held her gains from after the Republican debate, currently at 8% among Republicans, but has made no more progress…”

This is a huge relief for many patriotic, racially aware White people. The last thing we need is a conservative Black running on the right. A few polls had Ben Carson as high as the 20s, but he appears to dropping as rapidly as he rose. Also, the Carly Fiorina phenomenon can’t seem to get traction either.

The left-wing press has been highly critical of Ben Carson. Apparently any Black man running as a conservative is a raging nutcase and/or idiot. A Salon Magazine article lists seven things that they consider outrageous about Carson, including the fact that he doesn’t believe in Global Warming. I guess the writing staff somehow missed the fact that Global Warming stopped in the 1990s, but when have liberals ever let the facts get in the way of their world view? Still, notice the way the liberals characterize conservatives, who don’t believe in Global Warming. The liberals call us “nuts.” Meanwhile, we stand here with all the facts on our side and wonder how the liberals can function on a daily basis with their heads so full of misinformation.

Curiously, Salon Magazine did NOT mention Ben Carson stabbing someone in his earlier years as noted here. I suppose they don’t want to reinforce the stereotype of young Black men being violent hotheads –even if it’s true, and in this case it involves someone running for president.

If you were going to let someone into your home (let alone become president of the US), would you care more about his views on Global Warming or whether he stabbed someone once upon a time? Strange how the liberal mind works.


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