Buying Peace In Baltimore

Freddie Gray2

by Jeff Davis

The negress mayor of Baltimore has decided to buy peace with cold, hard cash, as well as with the lives of six police officers.

The Daily Caller reports: “Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said on Wednesday that the city made the ‘right fiscal decision’ by awarding an unprecedented $6.4 million payout in the Freddie Gray case even before his family had filed suit and before the six city cops charged in the 25-year-old’s arrest and transport have even gone to trial.”

“Rawlings-Blake also hinted that fear of unrest and citywide ‘divisiveness’ may have influenced the decision to preemptively settle. ‘The decision to settle the civil claims is completely unrelated to the criminal case the six officers currently face,’ Rawlings-Blake announced during a press conference on Wednesday, shortly after the Board of Estimates unanimously approved the payout.”

There were in fact no civil claims. A lawsuit hadn’t even been filed. For a glimpse at Freddie Gray, one source notes “Gray had a criminal record, on drug charges and minor crimes.[18] Gray had been involved in 20 criminal court cases, five of which were still active at the time of his death, and was due in court on a possession charge on April 24.[18][19] In February 2009, he was sentenced to four years in prison for two counts of drug possession with intent to deliver and was paroled in 2011. In 2012, he was arrested for violating parole but was not sent back to prison. In 2013, he returned to jail for a month before being released again.”

If the state had bothered to lock Black criminals up for their full jail sentences, this incident and all the problems that have spawned from it, including the six million dollar pay out would not have happened.

The Daily Caller article continues “The city’s decision to settle the civil case should not be interpreted as passing any judgement on guilt or innocence of the officers. This settlement is about making the right fiscal decision for the city of Baltimore.”

“Gray died on April 19… Baltimore police union chief Gene Ryan slammed the city’s settlement as a ‘ridiculous reaction’ that threatens to harm the relationship between city cops and the public.”

“In one curious statement, Rawlings-Blake indicated that the city would be in a bind regardless of the outcome of a potential civil suit. ‘We must weigh the potential financial cost of defending the lawsuit in court and the potential exposure to the citizens of Baltimore if we are unsuccessful, and for that matter, if we are successful in court,’ Rawlings-Blake said. Rawlings-Blake did not clarify what potential exposure to Baltimore residents would result from a civil suit decision in the officers’ favor.”

She’s probably thinking about the tendency of the Blacks to riot whenever they “think” they lost a court case that they were hoping to win. Considering that most Blacks, especially ghetto Negroes don’t bother to look at all sides of an incident and simply believe whatever story gains traction among Blacks, their perception of an incident and what actually happened are often in complete disagreement.

By paying out a settlement this early, this Black mayor is effectively implying the guilt of the six accused police officers and she is almost certainly squandering public funds. Another suspected criminal who was in the police van with Freddie Gray stated that the ride to the police station was smooth and that he thought he heard banging as if Freddie Gray were banging his head. Gray may have been banging his head either because he was on drugs that were making him crazy or because he was hoping to injure himself to try to use police brutality charges to get off from whatever criminal charges, the police were filing against him.

The bottom line in all this is that it will always be “us versus them” as long as there’s a large Black population in America. The Blacks seem to support Black criminals in almost every encounter with police, where the Black is injured because he resisted arrest.

Making citizens out of Blacks was one of the biggest mistakes in this nation’s history and we’re literally still paying for that mistake to this day.

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