Thank God, John Boehner Is Resigning

Boehner crying

by James Buchanan

John Boehner was one of the worst traitors in American history. He has protected Barack Obama from Impeachment or even any preliminary investigations, that should have been done, that would lead to Impeachment. Boehner will go down in history as a pathetic loser and the poster boy for “cuckservatives.”

Boehner will forever be remembered as the coward who said “Impeachment is off the table” even when Obama ordered the Immigration Department to stop deporting illegal aliens and when Obama was bringing hundreds of thousands of Third World children into the US in violation of our Immigration laws.

An article on The Blaze reports “Goodbye John. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.”

“That’s my feeling about the news out today that House Speaker John Boehner is resigning from Congress (effective at the end of October).”

“I’ve been a conservative politician, commentator, author, syndicated columnist and activist my entire adult life. John Boehner is the single biggest disappointment and failure to conservative causes in my lifetime. I am thrilled to see him go. Tonight I will be dancing in the streets.”

“…John Boehner was the Republican equivalent of the French army. He spent his career compromising before the fight even began. Worse, he defined compromise as giving President Barack Obama virtually everything he wanted…”

“…if Obama wants a 25 percent tax increase in the middle of a devastating recession and the GOP would like a tax cut, it’s not ‘compromise’ to accept a 20 percent tax increase. That was Boehner’s strategy. That is Boehner’s ‘record of accomplishment.’ He thinks giving Obama 90 percent of whatever he wants – even after a massive, historic GOP landslide – is compromise. He thinks that’s leadership.”

“Conservatives understand that’s the perfect combination of weakness, incompetence, apology, retreat and cowardice.”

Boehner’s sidekick, Eric Cantor was voted out of office thanks to The Tea Party and angry conservatives. Boehner’s resignation is coming just before a mob of angry voters with buckets of tar and feathers could catch up with him. Boehner NEVER listened to his constituency, and it is a wonder that he lasted this long considering how much he is despised by any and all conservative patriots in his district.

Boehner’s stubborn failure to investigate any issue from Obama’s fraudulent multi-layered birth certificate to the death of a US ambassador in Benghazi due to criminal negligence by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, suggest that Boehner may have been blackmailed by the Democrat party.

It would be no surprise at all if it were eventually revealed that Boehner was heavily involved with deviant sex rings and that the Democrats had videos of him that were being used for blackmail. It’s basically either that or John Boehner is the most gutless, bungling loser to ever curse a political party.

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