Los Angeles to Spend $100 Million on Homeless Problem


by James Buchanan

An L.A. Times article reports “Acknowledging their failure to stem a surge in homelessness, Los Angeles’ elected leaders on Tuesday said they would declare a “state of emergency” and devote up to $100 million to the problem. But they offered few details about where the money would come from or how it would be spent, leaving some to question the effort’s chances of success.”

“The announcement by seven City Council members and Mayor Eric Garcetti was a powerful signal of growing alarm at City Hall over L.A.’s homeless population, which has risen 12% since 2013, the year Garcetti took office. It coincided with a directive from the mayor Monday evening that the city free up an additional $13 million in the coming months to help house people living on the streets.”

I’m sure this $100 million will be completely wasted on impractical, overpriced options (that liberals are so famous for) or get funneled to relatives of big shot politicians, who will grow rich off this windfall while doing almost nothing for the homeless.

Our government has not cared about creating enough jobs for White people since the 1960s. During my lifetime, I’ve seen conditions deteriorate to the point where college-educated White people in good majors might be stuck out of work for years because Blacks and Latinos with community college degrees were being chosen for jobs -over better qualified Whites- to appease the federal racial quota program.

Working class jobs in Los Angeles go overwhelmingly to Latinos, forcing many middle class Whites to leave the city.

If the United States were to get a pro-White government, we could mass expel all the Third World people, then the homeless problem would be reduced sufficiently so that we could:

1). Put the hopelessly mentally ill homeless in insane asylums,

2). Confine the pedophile and convicted murderer homeless types so that they’re not roaming around causing a danger and

3). Come up with a real plan to deal with the salvageable homeless people.

Once we expel the non-Whites, there will immediately be a lot more jobs available for Whites.

Also, the crippling burden of providing Section 8 housing, public school education, food stamps and welfare for Blacks and Latinos will be gone as well as the cost of free health care at emergency rooms and free public school education for their children. There will also be a lot more government money available for helping to create jobs (such as a real space program or an effort to produce low-cost, safe new fusion power) and taxes could be reduced so businesses could hire more people.

People were stunned back in the 1930s at how Hitler was able to put people in Germany back to work practically overnight. Hitler removed the Jewish control from Germany’s government by defeating all the system politicians in the Weimar Republic. The Jews don’t care if Gentiles are broke, unemployed and living in the streets. Jews only care about enriching their tribe at the expense of their host nation. The impact of Jewish control can most accurately be judged by looking at the devastated German economy in the 1920s when the Jews had the most power and contrast that to the orderly and prosperous German society of the mid to late 1930s. The Jews of course could not tolerate a large, industrial White nation slipping free from their tyranny and they proceeded to use their Jewish-owned news media in France, England and America to lobby for war until they finally succeeded in getting those nations into World War Two.

A responsible pro-White government can stop a lot of bad policies that are harming ordinary White people, but White people need to wake up and start defending their interests and they need to realize that the Jews are behind many of the bad policies from Third World immigration to outsourcing jobs to the Third World, which have been destroying America for the last few decades.

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