Trump Passes Vital Test


by Jeff Davis

Good for him! He made it! Donald Trump has passed a vital test and defied the Hildebeest in public for the first time.

The New York Post reports: “The Leader of the Free World doesn’t need Donald Trump to have his back, the billionaire developer said in a Twitter blast Saturday.”

“’Am I morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? I don’t think so!,’ Trump wrote, referring to his refusal to correct a man who called President Obama a Muslim at a campaign event Thursday.

“’This is the first time in my life that I have caused controversy by NOT saying something,’ he added. ‘If someone made a nasty or controversial statement about me to the president, do you really think he would come to my rescue? No chance!’”

“A New Hampshire man said Muslims were a ‘problem in this country,’ that the President is not American, and asked Trump ‘when can we get rid of them?’ during a Rochester, New Hampshire town hall.”

“He defended himself on Twitter Saturday saying if he would have corrected the man, ‘the media would have accused me of interfering with that man’s right of free speech. A no win situation!’”

“’Christians need support in our country and around the world, their religious liberty is at stake!’ Trump continued. ‘Obama has been horrible, I will be great.’”

Funny how these reporters don’t seem to care about a Christian woman, Kim Davis, being locked up in this country for her faith. Instead, they want us to tip toe around the feelings of Muslims, whose greatest contribution to America has been terrorism.

Getting back to the story and how Hillary fits in. The Sea Hag had a little media conference wherein she demanded–yes, demanded that Trump “walk it back” and make some statement to the effect that “The One” is not a Muslim (which he technically is, under Islamic law, since his father was a Muslim}.

Trump’s response to this was crucial. One of the secrets of Trump’s appeal is that he never, ever backs down over anything he says–or in this case, he never pays lip service to certain politically correct parameters, one of them being any questioning of the dictator’s shady past.

If he had backed down, if he had been seen to hesitate in any way, if he had appeared to falter even for a moment, he would have been toast. But he didn’t back down, and he managed to use this incident to increase his support in the polls. Trump just rose to 36 percent in a recent poll, more than double anyone else’s percentage.


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