Black Serial Killer Suspect in New York


by Jeff Davis

A Fox News article reports: “The NYPD is looking for a man seen on surveillance camera footage leaving the scene of two murders in NYC hotels. The man, identified as Joseph Danclair, 36, of Brooklyn, reportedly met two women on the street on two separate occasions. and brought them to different hotels. The women were later found dead. Danclair’s fingerprint was later found at one of the crime scenes.”

“On July 23rd Chrissy Bevelacqua, 34, of Staten Island, was found about 4:32 p.m. in the Bushwick Hotel on Bushwick Avenue in Brooklyn. She was reportedly strangled. On September 8, Antoinette Marin, 43, was found dead inside the Manhattan Broadway hotel at about 4:15 p.m. There was no evidence of sexual abuse. the official causes of death have yet to be determined by the NYC Chief Medical Examiner.”

These are just the first two deaths that they know of associated with this man. Who knows how many other victims there might be. Considering that “Antoinette Marin, 43, was found dead, naked and face down,” I wonder how they can be so certain that a sexual assault did not take place. Why would she be naked and dead if he didn’t sexually assault her? Could the authorities in New York be incompetent or could they be lying to us?

There is a myth that serial killers stay within their own racial group. That’s clearly not the case here.

Many Blacks have shown a distinct preference for White women for sexual assaults. Bill Cosby’s rape victims were about 90 percent White.

New York of course will never allow its citizens to legally carry firearms to protect themselves from the crime danger caused by their massive non-White population. Jewish control of New York’s policies is primarily the blame for that. Jews do not want Gentiles owning guns even if they are completely law-abiding.

So White men will continue to be mugged by Black teens on the subway and White women will continue to be dragged off into the bushes by Black rapists because the Jewish population in New York doesn’t like Gentiles having guns for self-defense.


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