Trump Wins Second Debate According to 60 Percent in Drudge Poll

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump won the second debate according to 60 percent of 450,000 people voting in a poll taken by the Drudge Report.

Trump reiterated his strong stand against illegal aliens that he took in the first debate. Jeb Bush threw out the pro-Amnesty argument that it would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to deport all the illegals. Trump pointed out that the illegals cost the United States billions of dollars every year in government services.

Trump has also advocated taking measures that will lead to the illegals self-deporting. By cracking down on employers and cutting off government hand outs to illegal aliens, they won’t have any reason to stay in the US. This could lead to 90 percent of the illegals leaving on their own. Also, if the illegals know that harsher measures are coming, they will want to pack up their cars and close out their US bank accounts and leave on their own terms rather than be tossed in the back of a police cruiser and speedily deported, with no opportunity to get their possessions or car.

The biggest loser in the debate appeared to be Jeb Bush, who plunged down to one percent in the Drudge poll. Ben Carson also lost a lot of support falling to just four percent. Carly Fiorina climbed up to 16 percent, making her the most popular second place candidate for the moment and proving that 16 percent of the people are political gadflies, who were swarming to Ben Carson last debate and who have hopped on Fiorina’s bandwagon for the moment.

Donald Trump’s commanding 60 percent lead in the Drudge poll shows that an overwhelming majority support him and consider illegal immigration to be the most important issue of our time. The Drudge Report gets 11 billion views per year, and its audience is not limited to just Republicans. It’s a safe bet that Trump will steamroll his opposition once primary season starts. A recent poll in New Hampshire has Trump scoring 41 percent of the vote among Republicans. A CNN poll shows that 32 percent of Republicans nation-wide prefer Trump. Trump continues to rise in the polls, and the illegal alien issue will most certainly still be here for the primaries and the general election.


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