Trump Draws Nearly 20,000 at Dallas Rally

Donald Trump

by James Buchanan

Donald Trump drew nearly 20,000 cheering Americans at a rally in Dallas.

An ABC news article reports “He was announced as ‘The next President of The United States’ and walked out to the theme song from the 1984 movie ‘The Karate Kid.'”

“Donald Trump’s first Texas campaign rally was as much spectacle as it was substance.”

“‘The polls come out and we’re killing it. We’re killing it.’ said the current GOP frontrunner. ‘People are sick and tired. They want change. It’s coming.'”

“In his hour long speech, delivered without notes or a teleprompter, to an estimated crowd of 20,000, he discussed tax cuts for the middle class, promising to unveil a new plan in the coming weeks…”

“The biggest applause of the night came when Trump discussed illegal immigration and his plan to build a two thousand mile wall along the southern United States border with Mexico.”

Donald Trump scored 32 percent among Republican votes in a recent CNN poll. Americans want illegal aliens to be deported and they see Donald Trump as a viable candidate, who can be trusted to do this.

In recent American politics, it seems as though you need a terrible president before you can get a good one. It looks as though the abominable Barack Obama presidency and the complete surrender of the border to drug cartels and illegal aliens has woken up enough Americans to do something.

Trump has gone as far to suggest a timeline for the deportations. A recent news article reports “Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said he would deport illegal immigrants from the country ‘so fast that your head will spin,’ and he’s not backing away from the claim.

“Participating on a dial-in call Thursday night with GOP voters, hosted by the Alabama Republican Party, Trump was asked about a timeline for removing undocumented immigrants in the United States illegally, and said the daunting task could be completed in two years or less, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

“’I think it’s a process that can take 18 months to two years if properly handled,’ he said.”

Part of Trump’s plan involves the illegal aliens self-deporting. If Trump cracks down on employers, the illegals will have very little reason to stay in the US. If they know that forced deportation are coming, they will have a big motivation to gather up all their possessions and to empty their bank accounts and to leave the US on their own terms. If they were to be rounded up and deported, their roommates might steal their possessions and it could be difficult to access their US bank accounts.


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