50th Anniversary of Treasonous Hart-Celler Immigration Bill

by James Buchanan

A Jewish Congressman, Emanuel Celler spent 50 years in Congress trying to change US immigration policy to open the door to the Third World. No ordinary White person back then wanted Nigerians, Moroccans and Mexicans flooding into the US. This was a two-party betrayal just like the NAFTA/GATT sell out that over 80 percent of Americans opposed.

An article in Time magazine notes the 50th anniversary of this treasonous bill: “On the 2016 campaign trail, immigration has been a flash point unlike any other. But as Donald Trump pushes his scheme to build a wall across America’s southern border and Hillary Clinton promises to go further than President Obama in protecting migrants without documentation, a major immigration reform a half-century ago is a reminder that policy changes often don’t go as planned. For today’s politicians, perhaps the biggest takeaway of the Immigration and Nationality Act is to expect unintended consequences.”

“It was back in 1965, during the depths of the Cold War and the peak of the civil rights movement, that the United States overhauled its immigration laws. Working with liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans (who existed back then), President Lyndon Johnson pushed a bill that did away with the “national origins quota” system. The old quota system, in place since the 1920s, determined who could immigrate to the U.S. based on ethnicity….”

The US became a superpower by selectively taking the best immigrants from Europe for nearly 200 years. There was an attempt by the railroads to import cheap Chinese labor starting back in the 1860s, but a backlash from voters led to the Asian Exclusion Act that banned Asian immigration which lasted until 1943 when the FDR regime repealed that bill during World War Two.

The Founding Fathers clearly intended America to be a White nation. Thomas Jefferson wanted clearer language to keep out “Jews, Turks and infidels” which unfortunately was not added. The Dred Scott Decision by the US Supreme Court confirmed that anyone with Black ancestry could NOT be a US citizen.

By the 1860s, hateful liberal abolitionists felt the slavery issue should be settled by a prolonged bloody Civil War, which led to the beginning of a truly multi-racial America and a worsening federal tyranny. Millions of ex-slaves, who were considered “farm animals” by the Founding Fathers, were given the right to vote by corrupt politicians following the Civil War, in a manner that was 100 perecent illegal and un-Constitutional, in that the White men of the South were denied the right to vote in the matter.

For 100 years, America existed with about a 10 percent Black population until 1965 when the militant Leftist Jew Emanuel Celler pushed his Hart-Celler immigration bill on the United States, which has turned the once predominantly White America into the multi-racial abomination with a Black president that it is today.


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