Bad News for the Hildebeest: Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails May Be Recoverable

Hillary 20

by James Buchanan

A Washington Post article reports “The company that managed Hillary Clinton’s private email server said it has ‘no knowledge of the server being wiped,’ indicating that tens of thousands of emails Clinton said were deleted could be recovered, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.”

“Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and her aides have said she deleted her personal emails from her time as secretary of state, but unless the server has been “wiped” experts say those 31,000 emails could be recovered, the Post reported.”

There’s a reason Hillary wiped her hard-drive: She had to. You don’t wipe a hard drive or delete 18 minutes of audio tape unless there’s incriminating evidence that needs to be destroyed. In Hillary’s case, the 800lb gorilla in the living room that very few people are talking about is the probability (or certainty) that Hillary was taking bribes as Secretary of State.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Hildebeest and/or her hubby have taken bribes. There was the famous cattle futures/stock parking incident, the mysterious Rose Law Firm (with two-thirds of the senior partners going to prison, but not Hillary) and the Whitewater land development company with the Clintons’ partners, Jim and Susie McDougal both going to federal prison with Jim McDougal dying in prison.

The Hildebeest has slimed her way out of all these previous scandals by feigning amnesia and/or by benefiting from conveniently timed deaths of people, who might have ratted her out. Frankly, I doubt if they’ll find anything on that hard drive because Hillary has been very, very good at covering her tracks. I suspect that it’s not even the same hard drive that the e-mails were on. A careful person would never trust a tech geek, who claimed to have wiped the hard drive for her. She would totally destroy the evidence, probably in a neat little bonfire. They may recover what was originally on the hard drive in question, but it will turn out to be gibberish or perhaps cat videos, and Hillary will slither free for the umpteenth time.


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