Death by Callous Bureaucracy

Sandywell and Second Wife

by Ian Mosley

In this filthy world we live in, it’s not always race and political correctness that destroys White lives. Sometimes it’s simple heartless bureaucracy. Governmental power turned into a mindless machine.

The U. K. Daily Mail reports: “A tormented father hanged himself after receiving letters from the Child Support Agency demanding £11,000 in backdated maintenance payments for his son, an inquest has heard.”

“Mr Sandywell, who had been paying child support for 13 years, got involved in a dispute with ex-wife Sharon Stroynowski, 46, after they divorced in 2001.”

“Ian Sandywell , 45, committed suicide after being told by the Child Support Agency he would have to give £520 a month in back payments for his 22-year-old son, Ben. His body was discovered by his devastated wife Jo-Ann Balsamo, 41, when she returned from work on the evening of November 7 last year.”

“Mr Sandywell from Stoke-on-Trent texted his grown-up son just hours before taking his own life telling him: ‘Delete me out of your life, I’m going to hang myself.’

“Mrs Balsamo believes the demanding letter from the government department was the final straw for her husband, who had been paying child support for 13 years.”

Now wait a second. Ian Sandywell got divorced in 2001 when his son was eight. If he had been paying child support for 13 years, that would have meant he was still paying child support up through his son’s 21st birthday. When does his son quit being a child? In the US, you’re an adult at age 18.

Also, the court was ordering him to make back payments, which suggests that somehow, the wife and son were able to survive without the full amount ordered by the court. In that case, there should have been no urgency to demand payments to the tune of £520 ($806) per month. A payment of $200 or even $100 per month would have eventually settled the matter without driving Mr. Sandywell to kill himself.

The article notes “He phoned his wife in tears worrying about how he would afford the payments but his wife reassured him and they agreed to discuss the matter when she got home. But he was discovered dead by Mrs Balsamo when she arrived at her home in at about 7pm that evening. Paramedics were called but Mr Sandwell was pronounced dead at the scene.”

“Even after his death the CSA has continued to send his widow letters ordering that payment is still made from Mr Sandywell’s estate…”

“(Sandywell’s widow noted) ‘The CSA just treats all absent parents like they don’t want to see their kids. This February they emailed saying ‘sorry for your loss, please accept this letter as a claim on Ian Sandywell’s estate for the outstanding amount of £9,000’.”

“‘So once again the amount has changed. It’s another example of their ineptitude.'”

The article is typical shabby liberal reporting. It doesn’t tell us how much Sandywell had paid his ex-wife and son. It doesn’t tell us if his ex-wife had a job and some earning potential on her own. It doesn’t tell us what sort of salary or job history Sandywell had over the last 14 years. All we know is he was paying a mortgage, he had a new wife, and the additional eight hundred USD per month demanded by the state was apparently a crushing burden on him and drove him to suicide.

Divorce laws vary from nation to nation and state to state. Some places have truly horrendous alimony and child support laws that turn the ex-husband into a virtual slave of his ex-wife. In some alimony decisions, the husband is ordered to pay alimony based on a salary that necessitated dozens of hours of overtime.

In many cases, the husband loses his job. He then gets a different lower-paying job and tries to get his alimony payments reduced to reflect his new lower pay. Often, some tyrannical judge will refuse to reduce the alimony, and the husband pays what he can –which might be what happened in this case.

Sometimes evil doesn’t have fangs or a bloody knife. Sometimes evil wears a shirt and tie and sits in a cubicle tapping on a computer keyboard all day. That is the evil of our time, and in some ways it is worse than any medieval plague or conquering army or Communist tyrant. It is what Bertold Brecht called “the banality of evil,” and it is the hallmark of our age.


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