Orthodox Jewish Schools Teach Whatever they Want

Orthodox Jews

by Jeff Davis

A recent news article reports: “There was no science, no geography and no math past multiplication at the ultra-Orthodox Jewish school Chaim Weber attended. And the only reason he ever heard of the American Revolution was when a seventh-grade teacher introduced it as ‘story time.'”

Considering the official version of the American Revolution now taught in politically correct public schools, he didn’t miss anything. It would have been a fairy tale.

“Naftuli Moster said he never learned the words ‘cell’ or ‘molecule’ at the ultra-Orthodox schools he attended, where secular subjects were considered ‘unimportant or downright going against Judaism.’ Now young adults, the two yeshiva graduates echo complaints critics have made for years about the rudimentary level of secular education at private schools serving New York’s Hasidic communities. Now, for the first time, the city Department of Education is investigating more than three dozen of the schools to make sure their instruction is up to the most basic standards.”

“But even the advocates who called for the investigation question whether the city will be able to pierce the close-knit, insular Orthodox community to force meaningful change.”

Meaning the Jews have clout in New York City and nobody’s going to tell them to change anything.

The article continues “‘These schools have been operating for a very long time,’ said Weber, one of 52 former students, parents or former teachers who signed a letter requesting the investigation into 39 yeshivas. ‘They have kind of perfected their method for pulling the wool over the eyes of authorities.'”

“The investigation itself is shrouded in secrecy. The names of the specific yeshivas that are being targeted have not been released because of fears of retaliation. And aside from Weber and Moster, who agreed to speak out, the names of those who called for the probe have also not been publicly released.”

“‘I’m worried for my kids. They could be kicked out if I named the school,’ said Weber, who said his 10-year-old son has learned simple addition but not subtraction.”

“What is known is that 38 of the 39 yeshivas are in Brooklyn, the center of the city’s Hasidic community.”

If a private Christian school were doing even a fraction of what these Orthodox Jewish schools are doing, they would be held up to ridicule on the national news and there would be efforts to shut them down.

All the schools in America teach children that “Diversity is good for them” and a long list of dubious, but politically correct lessons.

Orthodox Jewish schools however don’t even have to teach basic math and science or history. The Jews don’t care about the American Revolution. Jews believe in money and power. The “Rights of Man” are something that Jews want to take away from the Gentiles, which is why Jews overwhelmingly support gun control and laws to ban so-called “hate speech” (as defined by them).

The Jews will continue to teach whatever they want whenever they want in their private schools. Most politicians bend over backwards to appease the Jews at every opportunity so even an investigation that suggests that basic math isn’t being taught properly will be quietly dropped and the Orthodox rabbis can teach the little ones that the world is flat, the moon is made of green cheese and that Jews have the right to rule over Gentile nations from behind the curtains.


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