Ann Coulter’s New Book “Adios America”

Ann Coulter

by James Buchanan

The New York Post reports “Controversial firebrand Ann Coulter’s new book, ‘Adios, America,’ argues that fettered immigration is destroying the country by driving down the salaries of the middle class while increasing their tax burden. And it’s the elites on both sides — right and left — who are making it happen. An excerpt:”

“This is ‘Goodbye,’ America. Adios. Paalam Na. No further warning will be issued.”

“For 40 years, the people have tried to tell politicians they want less immigration, but the politicians won’t listen.”

One of the greatest betrayals in US history took place in 1965 when Jewish Congressman Emanuel Celler finally pushed through a bill to start turning America into a Third World country. The Hart-Celler Act opened the immigration door to the Third World. Celler had spent most of his 50 year career in Congress to accomplish this. What kind of insane or demented person would work his entire life to try to destroy a 90 percent White America? Apparently a Jew would.

The article continues “Every single elite group in America is aligned against the public — the media, ethnic activists, big campaign donors, Wall Street, multimillionaire farmers and liberal ‘churches.’”

“They all want mass immigration from the Third World to continue. Both political parties connive to grant illegal aliens citizenship and bring in millions more legally, and the media hide the evidence.”

“Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration.”

“Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet. They tell us, for example:”

“Polls show the public overwhelmingly supports “comprehensive immigration reform.””

“No poll shows this….”

“Immigrants are doing jobs Americans just won’t do.”

“Americans are perfectly happy to do all manner of jobs….”

Allowing a flood of Third World immigrants will only cause future problems. We already have more than enough people to do the menial work that the illegal aliens do. If you took away welfare from the Blacks, you’d find them lining up for the jobs that the illegals are doing today.

America is going to have an ever increasing number of robots to do janitorial work and other menial jobs. This means that every illegal alien who gets Amnesty will be nothing more than one more mouth to feed and one more poor person, who demands that we pay for all his medical expenses through our taxes.

We all know why the Democrats want to bring in Third World people; they typically vote 80 percent or more for the Democrat Party. The Republicans seem to support Third World immigration just as strongly as the Democrats even though a flood of Third World poor will mean the extinction of the Republican party as a financially conservative party. I can only conclude that most Republican politicians are complete idiots, who can’t see their inevitable extinction, or they plan on being political chameleons and switching sides once the Third World population makes it impossible for a fiscal conservative to win an election.

I’ve got a little question for these Republicans: If America becomes over 50 percent non-White, what makes you think that population will vote for a White candidate? Hillary got her rude little surprise back in 2008 when the Democrat Party gave her the heave-ho and replaced her with Barack Obama. Both White Democrats and White Republicans will be out of jobs in the future multi-racial America as the Blacks and Latinos vote for candidates, who look like them. Maybe it’s time for White politicians, especially on the right-wing, to take some action that will not only preserve America’s White majority, but preserve their electability as White politicians.

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