Is the Hildebeest Doomed?

Hillary 5

by Jeff Davis

Hillary is doomed according to one major pundit, who suggested that buzzards were circling her dying campaign.

The Washington Times reports: “The news gets grimmer with every news cycle as she revises and extends everything she has said about her email machine and the classified information that may be on it. She says she can’t remember, and we can believe that much. Sir Walter Scott got it right: ‘O, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.’”

“Hillary even upends the famous Washington dictum that ‘it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.’ Sometimes it’s both.”

“We’re hearing the first hints, some of them not so subtle, that the FBI is investigating more than a security situation, defined as a simple matter of learning whether classified information leaked from the State Department when she was the secretary of State, and if so, who it was leaked to. National Public Radio, which usually feeds only the bluebirds of Democratic happiness, reports that it learned from ‘two lawyers familiar with the inquiry’ that a formal criminal investigation is under consideration, presumably at the Justice Department, and it could happen ‘soon.’”

Obama just gave Biden a green light to run for president. A somewhat bold move by Obama considering how fearful most Democrats are of Hillary and her penchant for revenge on anyone, who makes her blacklist.

“Hillary might not be the first target. She can always find somebody else to throw under the bus or feed to the alligators.”

I’m sure she would love to blame this on a scapegoat, but I don’t see how she can blame this on anyone else because unlike Whitewater or Vince Foster or the mysterious Rose Law Firm records or Monica Lewinsky, this is all her, from top to bottom. She set up the private e-mail server and chose not to use the government e-mail account. No one else.

Very few people have been bold enough to talk about the most likely reason why a Secretary of State would not want their e-mails on a government server, and that would be taking bribes. Hillary made a calculated move to deliberately break the law to facilitate bribe-taking and now she’s trying to wave her hand and pretend it’s all just a minor detail. Not having a means to detect government abuse, especially with a Clinton in a position of power is NOT a minor detail. I’m sure governments and foreign billionaires would love to buy influence from the United States.

“…Hillary knew better. ‘Put legality aside for just a second,’ Michael Hayden, a former director of the National Security Administration, ‘What she did was stupid and dangerous.’”

Electing her as President –now that would be stupid and dangerous.

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