California Voters Will Get to Vote on Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban

by James Buchanan

An article in the Sacramento Bee reports “California voters will get their say next year on the state’s ban on plastic carryout bags, after the law’s opponents in the plastic bag manufacturing industry gathered enough valid voter signatures to qualify a November 2016 referendum on the measure.”

“The referendum’s qualification suspends the law until voters weigh in. The first bag restrictions, covering large grocery stores and pharmacies, had been set to go into effect July 1.”

“A spokesman for the American Progressive Bag Alliance, which spent more than $3 million on the effort to qualify the referendum, said the group’s goals go beyond just keeping the law off the books for 21 more months. Opponents intend to mount an active campaign to scrap the law entirely, he said.”

“’Delaying a piece of terrible legislation from taking effect … is obviously something that everybody is looking on favorably,’ alliance spokesman Jon Berrier said. ‘There will be a very significant voter education campaign as we move into 2016. This is something the industry is into to win.’”

For anyone unfamiliar with this, grocery stores and politicians hatched up a scam in which they tell people they’re being “environmentally conscientious” if they don’t use plastic bags. Instead of keeping the choice voluntary, politicians pass a law banning plastic bags, then the stores CHARGE you a nickel or dime per paper bag. For L.A. county, the money was supposed to go to the government as an “environmental fee.”

For those who don’t see the irony, trees have to be cut down for all the paper bags which must be produced to replace the plastic bags. Each plastic bag uses only two drops of oil. Plastic bags are almost always used more than once, typically as garbage can liners or dog walkers use them to pick up after the dogs.

The average bachelor doesn’t want to be bothered with carrying around a bunch of “Gay” reusable cloth bags. He’s going to just buy paper bags to bring home his stuff. Because of the charge per bag, customers will try to get the grocery store workers to cram two bags of stuff into one bag.

While most White people can be trusted to bring clean reusable cloth bags, can we really trust all the Blacks and Latinos to be as hygienic? All it takes is one bad individual with E-coli or a contagious bacteria to ruin everyone’s day. In fact, it’s already happened at least once. A Breitbart news article reports “A study will be published this week in The Journal of Infectious Diseases that solves the mystery of how a “a nasty outbreak of norovirus infections in a group of soccer players” left a soccer team ill.”

“The culprit was a reusable grocery bag, exactly like the ones people will have to use if more cities decide to ban plastic grocery bags.”

“The study found that the reusable grocery bag that infected the soccer players were contaminated with ‘the perfect pathogens.’ More disturbing, though, was the reusable grocery bags could transfer the norovirus without person-to-person contact.”

“Doctors tried to determine how nine people became ill with the norovirus, which has infamously caused havoc on cruise ships, in less than 48 hours and, according to the report, ‘interviews revealed that most of those who became ill ate packaged cookies at a Sunday lunch’ that were in a ‘a reusable grocery bag of snacks left in the empty hotel room occupied by the first girl who got sick.’”

“According to the report, ‘the puzzle fell into place. The girl had been very ill in the hotel bathroom, spreading an aerosol of norovirus that landed everywhere, including on the reusable grocery bag hanging in the room. When scientists checked the bag, it tested positive for the bug, even two weeks later.’”

So the individual ahead of you in line at the grocery store, may be tossing down reusable cloth bags covered with the Norovirus which will get on the hands of the clerk and then onto the packages of food that you’re buying.

And then there’s the issue of a nanny state micro-managing your life and making decisions for you instead of letting you decide. If the case against plastic bags is so compelling, why not let people decide for themselves? The truth behind all this is that it was just another tax grab by the government. The county of L.A. was looking to take ten cents per paper bag from ten million consumers in L.A. County.

On the bright side, the chances of defeating the plastic bag ban are excellent. Plastic bags are much easier to carry for parents, who have to raise families and bring home several bags of groceries at a time. The urban poor certainly won’t want to keep paying the dime per bag tax. About the only people who support the ban are the “west-side” liberal types, who typically live in the rich suburbs of L.A. and San Francisco. While the battle over plastic bags may seem like a minor thing, it’s important to defeat the Left and their ever-expanding attempts at micro-managing our lives.

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