White Woman Murdered in her Home by Two Black Youths

Baltimore Mom and her killers

by Jeff Davis

Another White woman is dead now due to the presence of the Negro on the North American continent. While it was wrong for a small number of Whites to own slaves, it’s even more wrong to allow those descendants of Black slaves to live in a nation that was intended to be White -free of the problems inherent in Third World nations, such as rampant crime. The Dred-Scott decision of 1857 by the US Supreme Court declared that anyone of African ancestry could not be a citizen of the United States.

An article from WBALTV reports: “Baltimore City police have arrested two teenagers in connection with the killing of a woman in her Patterson Park home, while neighbors say they’re shocked and saddened at the loss of such a good person.”

“Baltimore police on Sunday arrested Allen Pinkney, 16, and Alonzo Gorham-Ramos, 14, on murder, first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, first-degree burglary and dangerous weapon with intent to injure charges. Around 7:30 a.m. Friday, officers found 51-year-old Kimberly Leto dead inside her home in the 400 block of South Ellwood Avenue. Police said Leto suffered from trauma to her body. The manner of Leto’s death is still pending from the State’s Medical Examiner.”

“Trauma to the body” can mean anything. Imagine your mother or sister having her life cut short by two urban youths who were out trying to burglarize a home.

The article goes on “According to court documents, she was stabbed multiple times after confronting burglars in her home. Police said evidence from a previous burglary, a fingerprint, led to Gorham-Ramos being a suspect. Also, a bloody Adidas shoe print at the crime scene seemed to match the type of shoe he was wearing during a police interview, police said.”

Why did they have to kill her? If they just pushed her aside and ran out of the house, they could have escaped and the police would have made only the most cursory effort to go after them even if each of them took off with a handful of jewelry. Perhaps they killed her for the obvious reason that they hated her for the color of her skin. Needless to say, the Baltimore media refused to discuss the victim’s race, but one good thing about social media is that just about everybody now has a photograph circulating on the Net out there somewhere.

The article notes “Police said Gorham-Ramos admitted he was with an accomplice. Gorham-Ramos asked a judge to release him during his bail review at Central Booking on Monday.”

After all, he only murdered a White woman. Is that even a serious crime in Barack Obama’s America?

“He said he had a daughter and wanted to be home with her. But a judge called it a tragedy and, citing his and his co-defendant’s age and the seriousness of the crime, gave Gorham-Ramos a no-bail status and had him transferred to juvenile custody. Pinkney was ordered to have a competency hearing. ‘Based on our conversations with him, we had some concerns about him understanding what was going on. We also learned that he was not in compliance with medication he was supposed to be taking as well as some treatment he should have been following up on,’ Pinkney’s attorney Jan Bledsoe said.”

There have been over 50,000 murders of Whites since the end of Segregation and millions of violent assaults and rapes of White people by Blacks and Browns. There needs to an honest discussion about Diversity and whether White people are much better off without it.


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