White Liberal on “The View” Defends Latinos; Gets Called “Racist”

Kelly and Rosie

by Jeff Davis

The U. K. Daily Mail reports: “Rosie Perez canceled her last appearances on The View after being forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne for her anger at her co-star’s racist remark about Latinos, Daily Mail Online can reveal exclusively today.”

“Rosie refused to turn up for her two, final live shows last week and skipped several, pre-taped appearances after having an intense blow-up with ABC executives over Kelly’s on-air comment. Kelly, 30, caused outrage after asking: ‘If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?’ during a Hot Topics segment about Donald Trump’s poll numbers within the community last Tuesday.”

“A silence fell over the studio audience as other co-hosts were clearly taken aback. After a pause, Rosie, who has Puerto Rican heritage, mumbled: ‘Oh, that’s not… oh, no!’ and shook her head in disbelief.”

Believe it or not, the former Latino mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa actually said “We clean your toilets” in a speech as noted in this article by Michelle Malkin. If Rosie Perez wants to strut off in a huff, she needs to put some of the blame on Villaraigosa for introducing the meme of Latinos cleaning toilets into modern politics.

The liberal Daily Mail apparently fails to realize that most wealthy yuppies only interact with Latino nannies and janitors and maybe one or two token quota-hire Latinos at work, and the biggest change in their lives if all the illegal aliens were deported would be finding someone new to clean their toilets.

Add to this, the White bimbo was trying to help Latinos, but the Puerto Rican hothead, whose entire career has stemmed from her size 38DD breasts, did not seem to grasp that fact. So the White woman gets called a racist by this hyper-sensitive, no-talent Puerto Rican, and a major news organ is paying attention to this.

The article continues “The View’s Raven-Symone then told Kelly: ‘There’s more jobs than that he can use them for.’ Sensing things were tense, The Fashion Police host attempted to clarify: ‘In a sense, you know what I mean? In L.A. they always…’ But before she could finish, Rosie had calmed enough to finally check her. ‘Latinos are not the only people doing that,’ explained Rosie, looking straight at Kelly.”

“Kelly backtracked and tried to elaborate.”

Always a mistake!

(Kelly dug deeper:) “‘I didn’t mean it like that! Come on, I would never mean it like that. I’m not part of this argument,’ she contested.”

“As the tension built, moderator Whoopi Goldberg stepped back in and tried to take control of the segment, before ultimately going to commercial break. When the cameras cut away, the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne burst into tears. ‘Everyone is going to think I’m racist. I can’t believe this,’ she cried, as producers of the show and her personal handlers ran to her side As the tension built, moderator Whoopi Goldberg stepped back in and tried to take control of the segment, before ultimately going to commercial break.”

There’s no point in trying to be a friend of the Blacks or Latinos. If you’re White, the garden variety ones will hate and resent you, plain and simple.


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